Friday, October 30, 2009

All the Matters is that it passed...

So it's been a frustrating month when it comes to our cars situation, well among other things too, like sick kids. Anyways last year, I don't know what we were thinking, but we bought two cars in the same month. So this year we get to have safety, emissions, and register both of our cars together. So much fun! Well the van passed no problems. The civic did not.
Stupid, stupid, stupid horn does not work which means it does not pass the safety inspection. We bought a new horn and Brett hooked it up. Didn't work. Brett checked the spark plugs. Didn't work. At this point we are thinking, crap, what are we going to do. Brett called a couple of places and they all said just to find out what is wrong with the horn would be about 80 bucks then however long it took them to fix it. Now we are getting into numbers that are starting to be more than what the car is actually worth. O.k. maybe not that much but pretty close!
I was getting mad because it seems so dumb to me that we have to spend all this money on a car that works perfectly except for the stupid horn.

So Brett got an idea from a co-worker on what to do. And this is what they came up with.....
So seriously how ghetto is this. Yup that is the horn.
Brett has made up a label that says "Press here for horn" that he is going to put above it. All that matters is that it passed! I have to wonder what the guys at the inspection place were thinking when they saw this. It can't be the worse thing ever. I am pretty sure that I remember one of my brothers tying their bumper to the rest of the car with some string. Anyone ever do anything creative to their car to pass inspection?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Jenna!

So after I updated my blog with new family pictures I received a few comments about how they haven't seen Jenna for awhile and can't believe how big she is getting. And then I started looking through some of my old posts and realized that I hardly have any pictures of Jenna on here. So this post is dedicated just to her. I really really want to avoid the whole third child syndrome, where you have tons of pictures of your first one, some of your second, and hardly any at all of your third. So here they are. She is starting to do some really fun stuff. She grabs for everything, and I mean everything be very careful with you hair if you get to close she grabs on and doesn't let go, she has sent Kyanna crying a couple of times! She is rolling over all the time, she started rice cereal, she will smile at everyone (we call her a ham), and dare I jinx myself, but is mostly sleeping through the night. I just love this little girl she is such a good little baby.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Potions

We have been going just a little stir crazy with Kyanna being sick. So yesterday I let the kids make a witches potion with all of the stuff from our refrigerator.

Yes this potion consists of a little bit of ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, steak sauce, Parmesan cheese, relish, oatmeal,lime and lemon juice and who know what else, I think cranberry juice.

And then me, being the mean mom that I am, suggested that they try some and they did! Big surprise they didn't like it.

Oh well I still think that it was fun for them!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Amazing Gift!

So just when I was starting to get really bummed about not having a camera, we were starting to miss some milestones with Jenna and other stuff, and getting REALLY REALLY close to going out and buying a camera even when we didn't have the money. We had an amazing gift given to us! My brother and sister-in-law gave us their old camera. Now this isn't some dinky thing that you just go out and buy at minimal cost. This is a super nice camera, in fact probably TOO nice for me, I am not sure how to use it, but I am excited to learn and also excited that in the meantime it has an automatic setting as well. So I will finally be able to post more pictures. This was really a blessing for us. Thanks you so much Steph and Todd for being so generous and thoughtful we needed a camera badly! So be ready for lots of pictures again!

Emergency Preparedness

o.k. so I just tried the emergency food analyzer from Emergency Preparedness and I have 65 days of food storage. Wahoo! Actually that's a little less than I thought that I had, but it didn't ask me about all of my food that I have (so I think that I actually have more!)It's a pretty cool thing and gives me a little bit better idea of what I need. I really liked it! Anyways since I did this I will hopefully receive a 10$ gift card to Emergency Preparedness. I got one a couple of weeks ago and there are ALOT of things under 10 dollars. We got whole wheat flour and dough enhancer and the flour is already gone. Been making bread like crazy. Dough enhancer is amazing! Anyways you should go to there website here and check it out and do it yourself!

Gift Card Giveaway

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sometimes Being a Mom is HARD......

o.k. not sometimes, but lets admit it most of the time!

Disclaimer: I love my children to death. I would do anything for them anytime anyplace. I am so so so thankful to have them in my life, truly the bring so much joy and I will, hopefully, never take for granted what they are really worth to me.

BUT sometimes being a mom is hard work! These last few days have for some reason been extremely hard. Let's start out with Tuesday afternoon. Will and Kyanna were watching a movie and asked for some popcorn. What was my first mistake... MAKING THEM POPCORN and then letting them eat it in the living room. Of course I didn't stay in there with them (my fault!) I was hoping to take this time to actually get something done, since the baby was sleeping.

I walked into the living room and found that they had dumped the entire bowl of popcorn all over the floor! Oh BOY I was so Mad! Maybe more at myself because really I should have known better. Anyways so they were told that they had to clean it all up. William, of course, started right away picking up the popcorn, Kyanna on the other hand, just watched William clean. So I said "o.k. Kyanna you have to clean up the rest and you can't leave this room until it is all clean".

uhm......yeah three and half hours later, YES THREE hours later, Kyanna was still in the living room not cleaning up the popcorn. We had eaten dinner, played a game, had dessert. I tried everything I could to make her clean it up and she just wouldn't. Can we say stubborn. So I hurried up and spoon fed her dinner and got her ready for bed. An hour after that she was finally asleep. Seriously child. I hope she learned a lesson, however, I was the one cleaning up the popcorn at that point.

Wednesday.... I had a Dr.'s appt. for Will and Jenna. So I packed all three of them up and we went to the Dr.'s. Really no problem at the appt. Jenna is doing well, growing like she should. But for some reason I thought well while I am here lets get Will and Kyanna there flu shot. So all three kids ended up having shots, Jenna's was her immunizations. Let me just say I will NEVER have all three kids gets shots at the same time again.

After the appt. we had to hurry up home eat lunch and then hurry to dance. Kyanna was starting to act a little whiny, which is really not that unusual, and started to complain about the shot. I just kind of ignored her and hurried her to dance. Well.....she puked at dance. That was fun and embarrassing. Poor girl my parents had even come to watch her dance. She then proceeded to throw up about 5 more times. I called the Dr. and he wanted to see her again because he thought it might be a reaction to the flu shot. So I packed up the kids again (minus Will, since he went with my parents, thankfully) Poor girl threw up two more times in the car and once at the dr.'s office. ( and now I am feeling bad for the night before cause maybe she wasn't feeling good)

We may never really know if it was a reaction or just a flu bug. But she has not been doing well.

Then in the middle of the night Kyanna wet her bed three different times. Then this morning she wet my bed. FUN! Then when Will woke up he had an diarrhea accident in his bed. So lucky me I got to wash everybody's sheets today and throw away two pairs of underwear. I heard a funny mom advice that read "just throw away the poopy underwear" yeah she was right. I think think that Kyanna is feeling better tonight. I really hope so. Then on top of all this I have been dealing with a cranky 4 month old with a low grade fever from her shots and a five year old who is bored because we just kind of had a restful day (well for the kids at least).

O.k. this post is getting really long and now I am starting to feel bad for complaining about my hard days. Because I really am thankful for my kids I guess I just need to complain and whine like they do sometimes. They weren't kidding when they said being a mom will be the hardest thing you have ever done and yes it is true (because I have done both) going to work is easier than staying home. Although I have to say that going to work is VERY VERY hard when your heart is at home with your kids (done that too and I would rather be home).