Monday, May 27, 2013

Field Trip Day!

The thing about living in a rural town is when its time for a field trip it's always a big deal and long long bus ride! Kyanna was so excited to go on that long long bus ride.. Who cares about the actual field trip?? We went to the Children's Theatre, that part is just ok but spending precious time with Kyanna is pure awesomeness! I love one on one time that I seem to get so sparingly with each my kids.

Kyanna and her friend Allena

Her 1st grade class. With the cast of the play Race to the Moon. Like I said the play was just alright.

Moab Redrock Relay

A couple of weeks ago Brett and I had the opportunity to run in a relay race with some of our friends!! It was so much fun! The race was down in Moab and was a 70 mile race ran among 6 people. We ran with our good friends the Woods and a couple of my friends. We did awesome! Other than being hot it seriously was a blast!

My first leg was 71/2 miles and my second was 3 miles all up hill! And might I mention that I ran it almost 14 weeks pregnant and I passed 8 people!!
Here is an awesome view. Brett had the hardest legs...I can't remember his exact mileage but it was tough...but of course he did great!
I love one day races.... You are done in a day and you aren't totally exhausted! I am sure going to miss all of this, this summer. Oh we'll I can always plan next summer!

Jenna New Bed

I have a confession to make yes my almost four year old daughter was rocked to sleep every night by me!! I know it's silly but there is no one younger and I wasn't ready to give it up, we'll when we found out we were expecting I knew it was time! So here she is with her big girl bed that she falls asleep in every night ( with me in it:)). She is so proud to be a big girl!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I find some very interesting pictures on my phone.....

Pinewood Derby

William had his 1st pinewood derby a couple of weeks ago. Other than the carving this car is 100% William made!! Brett did help but he insisted on doing it all himself and I am so glad he did!! It certainly didn't win any awards but I know he was very proud if it nonetheless. In fact the first time down it didn't even make it all the way down but after a little tweaking it did a decent job.
We have such a good group of scouts here are just a few of his good friends. I don't know how long we will stick around here in Price but however long it will be fun to see these kids grow up together!