Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Camping Trip of the Season

For Easter break our good friends asked us to go camping with them down in the Little Grand Canyon in the San Rafel Swell. I admit I was pretty nervous about this. Seriously it was the end of March and let's face it the weather hasn't exactly been warm (example it's snowing as I post this today). So I brought A LOT A LOT of blankets and warm clothes and I am happy to report the weather was gorgeous!!! Yes we were cold at night but it was o.k. during the day the weather was wonderful!!

William and Bradley have a lot of fun together they also get in a lot of trouble together. But they had a really good time. All Jenna and Kyanna wanted to do was play in the soft red sand. In fact at one point I looked out to find Jenna and she was doing sand angels in the sand. She was so dirty by the end of the trip, but she literally cried when it was time to do home. The kids had a big huge Easter egg hunt, they ended up with 33, yes 33 eggs each it was some ridiculous amount of candy but it was so fun to hide the eggs in the red rocks and have them look for the eggs. The kids had a grand time!!!

This was our first camping trip when we actually had to make all our meals ourselves (usually my parents do the cooking :)) but I think we did a pretty good job. Even had dutch oven cherry crisp it was awesome!! I am excited for many more camping trips this year (as long as we can stay away from bears...I may never be the same again). Just need the darn weather to cooperate now!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Had a fun FHE a couple of weeks ago talking about Easter and especially focusing on the last week of the Savior's life. I love how there are so many wonderful videos that the church has produced that really help to engage the young uns and learning about the gospel. After our FHE we colored some Easter eggs. The kids had a good time. Notice the last picture though. That was William. He wrote the word "poo" on a egg. Such a boy thing to do. He also wrote the word "flexing" on another egg but it didn't show up as well. And if you notice in one of the pictures they are all flexing. Silly kids that I have. They always have a good time together though. Just ignore the mess in the kitchen I was in the middle of making my freezer meals for the month!

Katniss Watchout

A couple of weeks ago the DWR hosted a free archery clinic for kids. It was WAY WAY out in the middle of nowhere and it was FREEZING but it was really fun, both kids were naturals and both kids can probably expect to get a bow and arrow for their birthdays this year.

Jenna playing on my phone..

Such a funny girl!!

Williams Piano Recital

I recently read in a book that most successful people have at least 10,000 hours of practice in whatever it is that they do. Well William is a long long long way from that nor may he ever get there but our 20 minute a day practice sure does seem to be paying off. He did so well I was very proud. He played 10 Little Indians and Tricky Trampoline. He had both pieces memorized and didn't mess up at all!!!