Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yet Another Pinterest Idea...

Have you heard of pinterest? It's like the coolest website, whatever it is, ever! I spend way too much time on it :)

Anyways this was an idea. To have you little girls dress up in your wedding dress and then take pictures of them for their wedding dress. So here it is. Kyanna was so excited to put my dress on! By the time I actually got Kyanna out and Jenna in it...the camera battery went we will try another day with Jenna.

And yes....I know you are wondering...I did try on my wedding dress. And of courses didn't fit.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


The kids school hand out awards every month for a character trait, last month I believe it was friendship and this month is gratitude. October was Honesty and Will won the award!

Trick-or-treating Night

After starting our Halloween activities 5 days before the actual Holiday and having something every single night (except Sunday) the kids finally were able to go trick-or-treating. They came home with tons of candy. We had SO SO SO many trick-or-treaters. I heard one lady on our street had over 250 so I figure we did too. We ran out of candy and had to start handing out the kids candy....which was just fine they didn't even notice!

Jenna is exactly happy in the picture. I can't remember why :)

spooktacular Alley

There are quite a few things that I love about living in a pretty small town and things that I am starting to love even more. It's really a great experience. Well one of the things that I love is that they are not afraid to close down main street and have a party!

This was fun two blocks of games, candy, food, rock climbing wall, a train, a bouncy room, and a magic show. The kids had fun playing games and collecting candy. They even entered a costume contest and the very last second!

our main street

enjoying some free hot dogs and pop. Scooby dooby doo gang!

playing games!

Riding the train that Kyanna was too nervous to go on!

who needs a scooby snack?