Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 At the beginning of September I had an opportunity to run Ragnar. I remember the first time I ever heard of Ragnar it was a couple of years ago and I went to the store one Saturday and everyone, really just about everyone, was wearing Ragnar shirts and I remember thinking I am going to find out what exactly that is all about. Ragnar is a relay race typically made of 12 team member, unless your nuts then six. You run a total of 188 miles as a team and each member has three different legs of the race. Usually starts on a Friday morning and ends on a Saturday afternoon with non-stop running all through the night.
   When I was invited on a team I was so so so excited. I waited a whole year to run this race and it was totally worth it. I was in the second van and I was runner 11 out of 12 so I basically waited ALL day to run. We ran it in Colorado which is very high in elevation. My first run was through the town of Avon which is just outside of Vail.
My Second run was at about 5:00 in the morning, this is me being up pretty much all night waiting for the other runners in my van to run. I started my run when it was pitch black outside. My run was along a trail next to a river not on a road. And let me tell you I was so scared of Bears. We saw signs everywhere saying beware of bears, and well since my last race I saw two bears I was understandably very paranoid. I wore my bear bell and it was the fastest I have every ran. Talk about motivation!

The are my awesome friends that I was able to run with.  I also ran with my brother-in-law Dan and two other people that I didn't know very well but go to know pretty good after spending two days pretty much non-stop with them! We had such a good time!


Told yeah!!! Bear sightings these signs were everywhere. It was the theme of the race really!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's great to be eight!

 My handsome, wonderful, smart, kind, loving, and funny son turned 8! I can't believe that he is old enough to be 8 I just really can't believe it!! He is such an awesome kid. He loves riding bikes, pokemon, star wars (still!), legos, swimming, playing the piano, and singing. He is gets so excited about everything and is always willing to try something new.  He got a green machine for his birthday which has been a hit with many of his friends. In fact one of his friends is getting it tomorrow for his birthday!

Turning 8 is such an exciting birthday! And he was so excited. When Williams teacher this year came by and asked him what he most looking forward too he answered him by saying getting baptized! I love that.

He started scouts also. He LOVES it and has already earned his bobcat. Scouts is kind of a new thing for me and well.....it's weird. I am sorry it is. The whole background story based on Jungle Book? really fictional kids book? And the cheers....WOW....the cheers. But all in all I think cub scouts is a great program and he loves it so that is all the matters!

Here are some pictures that we took in the canyon for his baptism invitations. I took them and well I am kind of proud of myself since I have no photography skills at all.

Williams baptism was such a special day and even made more special cause it happened on my birthday! I could feel the spirit so strong during the whole program. Thank you to of our family that came that made it such a special day especially Nate and Grandma Valeri for talking.

Words can't even explain how grateful I am that my grandparents, Will's great grandparents are still able to attend these events and are so involved in my kids life. That's how they were with me and they are still that way with my children. Such wonderful examples...I am so lucky! They gave William his scriptures with their testimonies written inside I hope that he always treasures that.