Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Will's Kindergarten Christmas Song

Sorry this video is sideways, it was taken on Brett's new phone and we didn't realize we needed to turn it sideways...But if you look really hard you can see Will. He is right in the middle wearing a black Star Wars shirt. And the cute little girl right in front of us is our friends little girl...her and Jenna like to share bottles :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

FINALLY!!! Some house pics.

SEE I told you that maybe someday I would be feeling better and blog again. Luckily today is that day. Tonight I hosted my first every real Christmas Party for Brett's co-workers (that are management) tonight. It went really well and was fun. But I thought since the house was clean I should take some pics for everyone to see. You will notice that there isn't a picture of the garage because...well....our storage shed may or may not still be in the garage. With the answer definitely being may. Also I didn't take any pictures of the downstairs cause there is really nothing down there but another family room and two more bedrooms that don't have much in it. And sorry some of these pictures are kind of dark.

This is our patio to our backyard from the Master bedromm....kind of fun! Notice the snow. Yes it finally snowed in PRice.

Another picture of the Master bedroom.

Kyanna and Jenna's room...like the bright pink carpet....yeah the carpet is the first thing to go.

This year when we put our outside Christmas lights out half of them didn't work so we bought some new ones but Will wanted the old ones put up in his room. I think it looks kind of cool!

REAL wood burning fireplace....which I LOVE...don't have to worry about air quality down here....which I also LOVE!

Kitchen.... the oven is the second thing to go...or maybe the first if it breaks first.

I just realized that I didn't take any posts of the outside. DUH..oh well maybe next time.

Oh yes and we have three bathrooms... but I guess no pictures of those either except the kids bathing in the jetted tub.

And Just because I can't get enough of her cuteness!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Maybe one day my sore throat will go away.

Maybe one day I will actually get some boxes unpacked.

Maybe one day I will find the desktop computer.

Maybe one day I will find the camera.

And maybe, just maybe I will blog again.

But until that day happens sorry :( It's been a bit crazy between moving, being sick, traveling to Salt Lake and back a couple of times, and Christmas, blogging is a little bit last on my list.

But someday I will.

Actually I already starting to feel better!