Monday, August 12, 2013

Mt Rushmore

I really don't feel like I have a lot to say about this day. This is our one stop where I almost think we had too much time. We drive 9 hours to stare at a mountain. Yeah it's cool and everything and I enjoyed learning about it but after about like one hour we were kind of what. Something everyone should do at least once, but once is enough!

I do have to say though Jenna became very attached to Abraham Lincoln during this trip and when it was time to leave we told her to say good bye to Abraham Lincoln and she really was very sad and cried for about 1/2 after we left. It was sad but also very very cute! 

Monday, August 5, 2013


 After St. Lois we got back into the car and headed to see my Aunt Mary in Minnesota. Again it had been like 10 years since we saw her last. I was born in Minnesota and while my grandparents were alive we used to visit quite often so it was really fun going back after being away for so long. My aunt had two dogs and a bird and the kids just fell in LOVE with them. They really just couldn't get enough! I think we wore them out just a little bit.
Of course while in Minnesota we had to go to Mall of America. Kyanna had been looking forward to this for a long time. They had an American Girl store there and the two girls were basically in heaven, poor William was not so much.
Jenna's birthday fell on one of traveling days while on our vacation so we decided to celebrate it while in Minnesota. And had a birthday girl lunch at the American Girl Cafe! I can't believe she turned 4!!! She is my baby...well for a little while :) She is such a sensitive, loving, friendly girl. Always wants to make everyone happy. She is a huge animal lover. She loves our dog Max and "her" horse Dee. She likes to play with her American Girl, ride her bike, play barbies, and play house. She likes watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, bubble guppies, Secterartiat, and Tangled. If you say that you need a hug she will be on top of that in no time.
  The girls got to eat their lunch with some American Girl dolls, very cool!

William wasn't exactly thrilled about all this but he was a really good sport and went along with it.

Here is a very random thing. This is my friend Lisa's mom who I grew up with. She moved to Minnesota a couple of years ago and we just happened to run into each other at the mall. Very random!
Finally something Will can enjoy!

Such a fun time. The kids cried when it was time to go....again we needed more time in each of these places....well except for maybe our next stop!

St. Louis

After Illinios we headed over to St. Louis to see some cousins that we haven't seen in 10 years. Oh it was so good to see them and they have four awesome children that our kids just got along with so well. Why do we we wait so long to see family? Anyways like every other day of our vacation we crammed as much in as we possibly could! First we HAD to go to the arch and of course we HAD to go to the top. It was funny too cause we had one dad (Brett) two mom with 7 red headed children. When asked where we were from Brett said Utah. I am sure that guy was like oh so they are that kind of Utahans....that was fun. By the way other than these tiny little windows to look out of there is nothing inside the arch. But it was still fun to go up!

After they arch we headed over to the botanical gardens and had some lunch and let the kids play and work off some of there being cramped in a car energy. 

After a long fun day we stopped for some ice cream, I can't remember the name but some famous place along Route 66. Definitely family here some things you just can't deny they could almost be siblings!

Carthage Jail and Springfield Illinois

After Nauvoo we headed over to Carthrage Jail. This was an amazing place for some reason you could really feel the spirit so strong here. I loved being able to tour the jail and learn more about what actually happened and that the family that lived in the Jail actually did a lot to protect Joseph and Hyrum during there stay.

After Carthage we headed over to Springfield Illinois to learn more about one of now Jenna's most favorite persons...Abraham Lincoln. She became really attached to him for some reason. After touring his house, going to the museum, and then visiting his tomb Jenna announced to us that she really doesn't like mustaches but she like beards cause Abraham Lincoln had a beard. And for the rest of the trip we would sing "Abraham Lincoln he is the best!"

The museum was awesome and actually very kid friendly and like all things on this trip I wish that we could have spent more time there.

I had never been to a presidents tomb before, or really anyone importance tomb before it was very cool. We were not allowed to talk while in the tomb. Very cool. Someday I am going back to this place and spend more time.