Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get Ready for Picture Overload.....

What's so great about Brett rather than me is that when we actually go places and he is in charge of the camera and picture taking.....he actually remembers to take pictures. See I am great, wonderful at remember the camera but horrible with actually using it.
Anyways I LOVE Price. I do I really really do. And one of the great things about Price is it's location. I am two hours away from Salt Lake, I am two hours away from my Grandma's house, I am still like 12 hours away from San Diego but oh well, and we are two hours away from Moab. So this Friday we decided to take a little day trip to Arches and Moab it was SO much fun. The kids had an absolute blast. And since Brett was taking pictures we can actually record our time there:)
This was on our hike to sandstone Arch. By far the best one. Why? cause it's pure sand all the way to the arch, well except this part. You take off your shoes and you get to walk in the cool sand cause it's also shaded. The kids were so funny they just plopped right down and started playing in the sand before we even got to the arch. We had to convince them to go all the way to the arch. And when we got there they played for about an hour!
And in case you were wondering...Yes her diaper was FULL of sand.

I love the double arch behind us.
I actually had a Finding Nemo moment at the Arches. I can really relate to Marlin (the dad) cause all Will wanted to do was climb and climb and climb. And you know I don't know what's on the other side of those arches unless I am ahead of him, and I wasn't. So I actually did say this. "Will you think you can do all this stuff but you just can't" I actually had to laugh at myself. But seriously it scared me a little.

After Arches we went and walked around town and had some yummy food for dinner. It was a really really fun day. Can't wait to explore other parks that are only two hours away!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not too take away from Jenna's Birthday keep reading! But since this IS pretty much my family scrapbook I need to make sure that I record what Will said tonight.
I took him running to get ready for the kids fun run on the 24th down in Monroe and he did really pretty good. But as we were running he said to me "I could run through the whole Grand Canyon and back if it wasn't for this pain in my side!"


Jenna had a Birthday!

Well.....I know...I know... I am a little late in posting this but better now than never. Well Jenna did have a birthday, my little baby is now my little terror of a two year old.
I LOVE this child for so so so many reasons.
-she is all ATTITUDE and I love it. Both my girls are. I love that nobody is going to make her do anything that she doesn't want to do (most of the time I love this)
-her curly hair!
-that she sings "Tomorrow Tomorrow I Love You Tomorrow" at the top of her lungs all the time!
-Her pouty face is so stinkin cute!
-She wants me to hold her and love her and doesn't push me away...yet.
-she listens when I read her stories.
-There is a town down here called Elmo and she was so excited cause she thought that we were going to actually see Elmo!
-She wants to do everything that her big brother and sister do!
-she NEVER NEVER will keep her shoes on!
Anyways we had a big ole party with family and some friends. It was a big bash as is tradition so far on her birthday. I love summer bbq's any excuse :)
Brett found this cotton candy machine at the D.I. and is works. So we started the party with some good old fashion cotton candy!
Jenna really enjoyed hers!
We had lots of family and friends come. We tried to find a park to go to but I guess everyone else in Price decided to have a party too. So since we don't have much shade in the backyard we had the party in our driveway and garage. I am really thankful to family who made the drive to celebrate with us! And thank goodness for my Mom cause without her I wouldn't have any pictures at all!
enjoying their cupcakes!
We have been really lucky to make some really great friends down here in Price from our current ward and our previous ward. These girls are from my first ward and we exercise every morning. It was Emily's birthday that day also so we had them over to celebrate her birthday as well.
Jenna was having a bit of a hard day. Little nap and turning two of course she decided to throw a big temper tantrum through pretty much her whole party. but she did manage to pull it together and get happy to open some presents!
It was a really fun day!