Thursday, January 27, 2011


Nasty Huh?

Impetigo (im-puh-TIE-go) is a highly contagious skin infection that mainly affects infants and children. Impetigo usually appears as red sores on the face, especially around a child's nose and mouth. Although it commonly occurs when bacteria enter the skin through cuts or insect bites, it can also develop in skin that's perfectly healthy.

Impetigo is seldom serious, and usually clears on its own in two to three weeks. But because impetigo can sometimes lead to complications, your child's doctor may choose to treat impetigo with an antibiotic ointment or oral antibiotics.

Your child can usually return to school or a child care setting as soon as he or she isn't contagious — often within 24 hours of starting antibiotic therapy.

Actually the picture doesn't do it justice. Poor kid. We went to the Dr. yesterday and he has to be on two different antibiotics and a anti-bacterial cream for a grand total of....60 dollars! Awesome. And he doesn't get to back to school until Monday. It doesn't hurt except when I have to put the cream on. Needless to say he is BORED! It started as road rash from a fall at the playground. I love all this great sickness and weirdness that comes from being at school. Two weeks ago we got a paper sent home saying that one of his classmates has lice. Tempting to home school huh?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

CEU Dinasour Musuem

I am WAY late in posting this but a couple of weeks ago Brett's brother Nate and his wife Nancy and their three kids came down for a quick visit (by the way we LOVE having visitors). We FINALLY made it to the dinosaur museum. It was really kind of neat. Although, besides a few really cool and large dinosaur bones, I think a lot of the museum was a little over our kids head, except for maybe Will if it was just him. But they did have this really cute corner for the kids to play in the sand and uncover dinosaur bones, color, and play with dinosaur toys. Oh and I forgot to mention that they do have a alligator or maybe a crocodile one of kinds of things there. So that was fun to look at.

But here is the beauty of this museum. Not only was about 4 dollars a person to get in....on a Sat. afternoon we were the only ones there!!!

Kyanna has loved coloring lately. She is VERY careful to stay in the lines. This is random....but isn't funny the difference between boys and girls. This girl could color forever and be very careful about it. Will sometimes has homework to color (which is the only way he will color) and he insists on doing it with his pencil and is all over the place. Anyways that all :)

I wish I had gotten one of Annalee with turned around but these cousins are only a week apart in age and are already really good friends.

I think I might take Will by himself one day. I think that he would have appreciated it more!

digging for bones.

oh come on...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My NEw Year REsolution

YEs that is right I am only doing one... and mostly cause it's in my head, I want it written down, and I want to be held accountable.

When it comes to losing weight and exercising I HAVE problems. LEt's face. I think of myself as a reasonably healthy person, don't get me wrong. But I have goals in the past. Like running in a half marathon (which was my goal last year and I didn't make it). And losing some weight (which was also my goal from last year and probably only down oh 2 pounds). Anyways I get REALLY caught up on being strict about it. Like I had a running program last year that I started did really good with...but one bad week and what happens? I am totally off and feel like I can't start. I do the same thing with losing weight. I started weight watchers online...did really good followed it to a T, never allowed any extra points...and then one bad week and what happens? I am totally off and not doing it. NOT at all. And then I start again a couple of months later and then another bad week and I am done. I get too caught up in the schedule and discipline of it.

So this years is different....I hope :) This year it's going to be about running or exercising when I can and if I don't do it for week that's o.k. I will just start again and if I have to go back a few steps that o.k. too! That is what I need to remember. And diet...well this is a tough one for me. I HATE to diet I like my chocolate and I like my candy but if I can just set a goal of eating less of that and more healthy stuff I will do good. I HOPE :) And if I had a bad week when all I do is eat chocolate and crap oh well...I can start better the next day.

So that is my goal to just be overall more healthy. NOT skinny and NOT a marathon runner. Just have a more healthy lifestyle...And well that is all. Hope I do good!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Tradition

I have been a slacker in blogging lately. I just feel like that ever since we have moved I have been playing catch up and can never seem to get on top of things. Life is busy. And in true OCD fashion I really wanted to have 61 posts for 2010 like I have the previous two years, I know this is all really dumb, but it would have been cool. Oh well.

As usual I am a terrible photographer when it comes to Christmas morning. I guess I get all too caught up in the fun to remember. So I don't have any pictures of that. Anyways when we lived up in the Salt Lake area we would ALWAYS make a point of going to Temple Square. I was feeling really sad cause we didn't make it this year until I had a fabulous idea. Why not go on Christmas night? It was fun. There was more people there than I thought but I was really glad that we made it! So here are a few pictures.


This next picture is really neat, this is a little waterfall, almost to the solider summit on Highway 6, anyways it freezes over in the winter which makes it look like this..

It's so fun to look at...this pictures doesn't really show just how tall it is, but it's tall. In fact the day that we took this there was some ice climbers climbing up it.
Well hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas...even though we don't really have any pictures to prove it, we sure did!!!