Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last year we had a terrible backyard. Anyone who came over can say this is true. There wasn't any grass, if you were brave enough to walk barefoot you would for sure to get a sticker, the fence was broken, and not to mention the gophers. So this year we decided NO MORE! Our kids need a backyard that they can go outside and play and not worry about stickers and gophers. So we (and when I say "we" I really mean Brett) have been putting in a sprinkler system. It's pretty much done we just need to fill in the dirt, which Brett dug mostly by himself. He did have some help from his brothers, thanks by the way! Then we will kill all of the yucky weeds and then hydroseed for grass. And we are going to fix the broken fence. YEAH!!! I am so excited. I am excited for my kids to be able to go outside and run around and have a real backyard.

O.k. this picture has nothing to do with sprinkler but I think it's really cute. This is there cousin Greyden.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 8th on March uhm....10th

O.k. so I know that I said I would do a post of what we are doing on the 8th of every month. But this month it is was another Sunday. And I don't know about some people but despite going to church, Sunday's are fairly boring and uneventful. O.k. so we went to church, came home, by some miracle Kyanna took a nap, while the rest of us watched a movie. Then we went over to my parents house for dinner with my family and then came home and went to bed. I KNOW boring. I can't even believe that I even bothered to type all that. Anyways I have to stick with it, right. O.k. but here are some of things that I have been obsessed with lately:

Bunk beds!
I have been searching on for a good set of bunk beds (do you say beds or bed, technically it's one bunk bed, but two beds) anyways I have yet to find something within our price range that looks relatively safe so I think we may just go to Ikea and get one. We will see. Originally I thought Will and the new baby would share a room, but then my brilliant friend suggested that I put Will and Kyanna in the same room and then the new baby wouldn't wake either one of them up (in theory). So hopefully something will turn up on kls. before we go to ikea.

Coupons and Good Deals!
I have found a couple of websites and blogs lately that I have just been going crazy over and LOVE! It has inspired me to start cutting coupons again (I did it while we were living in Oregon, but never got back into it). That is how I was able to spend a dollar at Walgreens for two packages of diapers and a big set of wipes. Let me share some of the websites that I have been going to. I love them!

Potty Training!

Of course now that I bought some more diapers for Kyanna she has decided that it is FINALLY time to potty train (luckily one of the two diapers that I bought was newborn in preparation for the new little one!) Today she only had one accident. Although I am pretty sure I was in the bathroom about every 10-15 minutes, most of which were false alarms. Because she did so well today I took her to the store to pick out some more underwear, three was just not cutting it. She picked out Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse. I will be SO happy if we are finally able to get her potty trained. Next we will work on the bink. But for now we will stick with Potty Training.

All I can say is... I love this Show! I think I especially like this season, because there isn't one team that I totally despise. Usually there is one that I just want to lose so bad, but not this year. So it's fun to watch and not really care who wins. Although that I could change, I wasn't to thrilled about the Mother and deaf son team using that U-turn.
So that's about it. Hopefully next 8th won't be as boring!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So on Tuesdays I babysit my nephew Greyden and he is just at the age where he likes to play with pots, pans, measuring cups, all the fun stuff in the kitchen. So I had Will and Kyanna get all that stuff out and play with him. It was so cute all three of them were in there banging stuff around (well mostly just Greyden) and Will and Kyanna were pretending to bake a cake. I really wish that I had taken a picture. Anyways I remember thinking I need to check in the oven before I start dinner tonight. Well.... I forgot (I'll blame pregnancy). So I preheated my oven and went back in the living room. Then my friend Jill called so I went into the kitchen to answer the phone and just as I said hello, I looked over at my oven and flames were seriously coming out of the oven! All I could do was yell into the phone "my oven is on fire, my oven is on fire!" So I hung up and luckily I had a vase full of water right there and I just poured it into the oven. I am not sure if that was the smart thing to do, but it worked. The fire alarm was going off, my kids were freaking out, and it was very very smoky and stinky! I discovered that it was a piece of Tupperware. So now I have melted Tupperware all over the inside of my oven. Any suggestions on how to clean it?