Monday, September 15, 2014

Everything pictured Here came From My Garden!

I had a good year...I don't know why. But we were blessed with a bountiful garden. It's has been delicious!

24th at Great Grandmas House

We went to our annual Great Grandmas House for the 24th trip this year and as always it was lots of fun! We did the usual...ran the 5k, watched the parade, rode horses, went to the carnival, watched fireworks, and basically just had fun at Grandmas house!

This is a fun story:) I was vacuuming my Grandmas closet when I came across this fancy dress. My grandma said it was her wedding night nightie...hee hee! I think it's so pretty!

Richfield Invitational

We went again this year to the Richfield invitational this year and as always it's lots of fun. Both kids did excellent! Kyanna even swam a 50 free which was a big deal to her. I think this is the most fun that I have had watching William swim ever! He really tried hard. And on the team relay his team was behind and he was the last swimmer and he caught up and won first place for his team! Oh it was just so fun to watch! I was standing up just screaming for him! I love watching my kids swim!

Both kids got up on the podium and got a medal...proud Momma!
Good group of kids that swim! 

Family Fun Day to Grotto Falls and Payson Lakes

Brett took the day off and we decided to hike up to Grotto Falls up Payson Canyon. It was so fun! Kids had a blast! This was Brooklynns first time hiking and she loved it! This was a perfect hike for the kids, not too long and a fun waterfall to play in when you get to the top!

Will by far was the most daring in the water and spent the most time in it!


After the falls we went up to Payson Lakes and walked around, threw stuff In the water, and yes we even let the kids get in the water!

Jenna was so mad when we made her get out! 
Just such a fantastic day! I wish life wasn't so busy and we could have
more of these kind of days!