Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Kelly!

It is time for my yearly ritual of taking over Kelly's blog!!!! Happy Birthday Kelly! I hope you have a wonderful day! It was nine years ago today that I fell in love with you over a crab dinner. It has been so great to watch you grow into the woman and mother you are today. I hope you know of the love our family has for you! Enjoy your day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

We had family pictures taken the other day. My friend Natalie does an amazing job! Thank you. Here are just a few of my favorites!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Successful Birthday!

And another Star Wars themed Birthday Party! Maybe he WILL never grow out of it. Oh well it's good!

we tried to steer away from star wars legos as presents this year (mostly cause I am tired of vacuuming them up!) and got him a hot wheels track. He loves it! And I am so glad!

We had six of Will's friends over for a party it was fun. We colored a star wars puzzle, played star wars bingo, pinned ships on the planets, and even had a guest appearance from Darth Vader himself. And of course the boys had to defend our backyard from the evil Darth Vader!

My friend at work made the fantastic R2D2 cake for Will...isn't it awesome?

I love the we live in a neighborhood with so many good boys surrounding us Will's age! We are so lucky!

I think he had a good day! And thanks to Mimi and Papa, Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Brian and Aunt Heather for coming, it really means alot!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Day of School and Flight to Moab

I am so sad that summer is OVER! We had such a great time...I think we may have made up for last summer at least I hope.

Can you believe she started school!

So on Labor Day we had this amazing opportunity. Our neighbor is a pilot and he flies to Moab for scenic tours. He had some extra seats on Monday and asked if we wanted to go with him. I have to admit I was REALLY nervous and almost didn't go. But I know this is morbid but I though well if the plane crashes at least we will all die together:) But of course we didn't crash and well I am SO glad that I went it was really neat seeing the scenery from Price to Moab. It really was a great experience!

Brett sat in the co-pilot seat and even flew the plane for a little while.

I thought maybe the kids would be nervous like me...but there weren't. Not even a little bit!

Happy Birthday William!

I CAN NOT believe that he is 7 years old today. Wow how time flies. I told him today that I will allow him to be 7 but he has to stop there he can't get any older. He didn't think that was such a great idea:)

This kid continues to amaze me...he is SO strong in everything that he does. He is a good friend, he is a smart student, he is an excellent older brother, and great helper, and continues to give the best hugs on the planet.
I am so happy that he is a part of our family. He is just a kid I can trust and I love that about him. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!