Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jenna turns 5!

Jenna turned five. I can't believe it. She is growing up so fast! She is starting kindergarten this year don't know what I  going to do without my little buddy. She is such an awesome sweet girl. She has the best giggle! She can ride a two wheeler, loves to play with Barbies, watch Jesse and Good Luck Charlie. Loves to play with her older sister! And she is a great swimmer!

She had a friend party this year but I suck and didn't take any pictures. It was fun though!

William fed Brooklynn....can you tell?

Grandma turned 90!

My Grandma turned 90 this year and just about the whole family went down to visit and work in her yard. I am so thankful for this lady and her wonderful example and legacy! Every important memory I have in my life she is a part of. Brooklynn Renae is names after her.

Take Me Out to The Ball Game

Both kids played ball this spring. I am glad they did I really wanted them to know how, but now they have some knowledge we are done. Well I might let Kyanna play again. Baseball is life down here and more competitive then I care for. We will stick to swimming. I did enjoy watching them play though!