Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jenna got a Haircut

And she was not very happy about it! It took A LOT of bribing including that Aunt Heather would do it, I bought her a freaking toy, and she had to sit on Mimi's lap while getting it cut! Lots of demands!

The battles that we had everyday where pretty epic!! It had to be done! I think it's the most adorable hair I have ever seen. At first I don't think she really loved it but now that she has realized how easy it is to do and that everyone loves it she really does like it! Might keep it this way for a long time although it will get pretty pricey with all the bribes!

Cheer leading competition.

When I first found out that we were going to Ogden and paying 65$ for a cheer leading competition for a 6 year old I was less than thrilled and although I am still not that happy about all of that it was really really fun. That was my first competition and it was pretty exciting not to mention some of the cheers were pretty darn entertaining! Jenna did not compete but Kyanna did and she did awesome! I am not biased or anything but she really is one of the best on her team. Her cartwheels are something else! Probably cause she does is nothing but practice them ALL day long! I am not a make up person and I ended up putting way to much one so if you can't see her eyes that why! It took like three days to get it off!

Junior jazz

He jumps, he shoots, he scores!!!! William played junior jazz this year. This is probably my favorite sport to watch my kids, well maybe swimming. William was very good! He really was I wasn't expecting him to do so well but I had never really seen him play before. He made a couple of shots throughout the season. He was very impressive.