Saturday, September 28, 2013

First Day of 2nd and 3rd Grades

Bye Bye my loves summer was fun but it's time to go back to school. Mamma gets teary eyed every stinkin year but kids are excited. Here is to a great year!

I must admit I am getting pretty tired of my kids getting older!! I just seems to be happening to fast. I keep asking them to stay the age that they are, but......they don't (sigh) This handsome smart little man turned 9 years old... I mean seriously he is half way to his mission. It's going to fast!!!
 Birthday Breakfast of pancakes, chocolate milk, and special request a fruit cup!

This year he got to have a friends birthday party. We chose minecraft for his theme and we invited 12, nine year old boys. Yes 12 of them...I still get tired when I think of that night! We were originally going to have the party outside in the backyard but when it started to rain we decided to have it at the church (thanks goodness not in our basement, did I mention 12 boys).
 Brett brought home roughly 100 boxes that we let the kids "mine" through for hidden treasures. Oh they loved playing with those boxes! I have never seen anything quite like that before, it was almost as if  they were animals that we just let loose out of there cages, throwing boxes up in the air, hitting them, swinging them around, it really was quite the sight.

 They did get pretty creative with the boxes, built a fort, and we had a contest to see who could have the highest stack, and they we played hide n seek with them.
 Even though there was a lot of them and they are pretty crazy (hey they are 9) William really has a great group of friends! They are such good kids!

I think we can call this party a success.
William to this day still loves legos and star wars, although he is not quite as obsessed in years past. Some of his new passions, and he is a really passionate kid, is minecraft, he loves to listen to Harry Potter, playing the wii, riding his bike, Utah football, and piano. He is getting so good with the piano! He loves to watch Harry Potter movies, and Pirates of the Caribbean  . His good friends are Ty, Boyd, and Bradley.

He is such a smart, loving, kind kid. I can count on him for just about anything! Lately he seems to have his nose in a book a lot, which I absolutely love! I know he is going to be my biggest helper when the baby arrives.  He is always happy.  He is just an all around awesome kind of a guy!

Jenna's Coin

One day I was babysitting some kids and I was in the living room and could hear the other kids playing and I knew that they were doing something with money, but my thought was, hey they are old enough to play with money. Then Jenna came out and was kind of breathing hard and panicking just a little and said to me "I need a drink of water" So I got off the couch and got her a drink of water. Then I thought to myself...why would she need a drink of water so badly. So I asked her and she said because I swallowed a penny....WHAT!!!! I didn't know what to do I had all these kids I was babysitting, I needed to be at activity days in 30 minutes, Brett was at work, and I really really didn't want to go the ER. Well I thought I had better. So I called Brett made him take the kids and go to activity days (poor guy) and I took Jenna in.

Turns out she did swallow a coin. She says a penny but she doesn't really know the difference. The Dr. thought it was definitely bigger then a penny, maybe a nickel. Here is her awesome x-ray. Initially it was stuck in her esophagus and they were telling me that they were going to have to transfer her up north to have it taken out. Then after talking the the Dr. up north decided to wait and see if it would pass. So I went back the  next day for another x-ray at it made it to her stomach

Were apparently it still is today. The Dr.'s keep telling me to wait and that it will pass. Hopefully soon we will see it. I check her poop everyday and have yet to see anything, but I am really impressed with how regular she is :) This child of mine...I have decided that she is my ER child. About a week after this happened she fell down a window well....luckily it didn't require an ER visit though!

So I had an Ultrasound

Sometime after our trip ( I can't rememeber the exact date) I had an ultrasound. Can you guess what we are having :)

William wasn't exactly thrilled but after we told him that he could have the whole downstairs to himself and we would totally re-do the room down there he seemed to be o.k. with it!

The Rest of the Summer

Seems like after our awesome, but long, vacation summer just flew by. But we did manage to fit in a few fun things!!

We played in the water

Had fun using our Pass of All Passes with good friends

Went to British Soccer Camp


Water fights with Dad

Had A LOT of free fashion shows


collected lots of candy at parades
Danced at the Demolition Derby

Lots of swim team!


Slept on the Trampoline

Ran some races
 Boating with good friends

And finally our annual trip to Golden Coral and Tuacahn in St. George to see Mary that enough?

Kyanna Turns 7!!

When we finally returned from our vacation it was time to celebrate another birthday! June is a very busy month for us. Kyanna turned 7 I can't believe that in one year she is going to be baptized it's crazy. While we were in the Mall of America at the American Girl store Kyanna fell in love with yet another American Girl so Brett snuck away and bought it while we were there. She was so excited. I think she mostly liked it because this girl in her story has a Mimi and so does Kyanna!

For her Birthday Breakfast she wanted cinnamon rolls.



This year we did a family party and she invited all her Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and grandparents to go bowling. It was lots of fun!

Afterwards we went to Mimi and Papa's house for a shrimp dinner (Kyanna's request) She loves loves shrimp so we had about 5 different kinds.

Kyanna also got a pair of rollerblades for her birthday that she loves. Kyanna loves to ride her bike,play and mostly do her American girls doll hair, play church and school, color, and do fashion shows. Her favorite show is Good Luck Charilie. Her best friends right now are Ada and Mara and William and Jenna. She is spunky and smart. She know what she wants and tries everything in her power to get her way! She has the most wonderful smile and is such a great big sister to Jenna and a good friend to William. She loves to help me cook. Someday she is going to be an awesome mom. So thankful to have her be part of our family!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bear Lake and we Made it Home!1

Finally after 12 days of non stop traveling and fun we made it to our final destination...Bear Lake. I am not sure this was exactly a fun stop for any of us especially since we were exhausted and ready to be home but Brett and I have been working for a company called Mammoth Marathons and they had two races this weekend that we worked at and it was exhausting to say the least. But we did get to stay in this awesome condo with a fantastic view of the Lake. Although we really did nothing fun here!

Yay!! We are on our way home, kids are ready to be home.....can you tell! Oh the memories that we made it was such a fun trip!! I will never forget "Abraham Lincoln he's the best"  It was nice to finally be home though!