Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Go Utes!!!!!!!

At College Game Day in 2004
Brett and Will at the game in 2006 ( I love the guy behind them taking a sideway glance at the camera!)
Last year at the BYU vs. Utah game!
Good luck tonight!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A dance recital, a Santa Claus visit, and Temple Square

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to the last couple of days....

Why why why am I such a scrooge. I think going to the mall to see Santa Claus is one of the things that I feel like you have to do, rather than get to do, during Christmas time. I just don't like dealing with no parking, long lines, and rude people! Reason why I do most of my shopping online. But I do have to say this year was not so bad, we went to Fashion Place mall and there was only three people in line in front of us.

and...YaY!!!Kyanna didn't cry this year. Do you like how not one child is looking at the camera?

I don't like how dark these turned out, but oh well. Here is Kyanna's dance recital, it was so flippin cute. I must say right before it was her turn she was clinging to my leg pretty good and so I thought that there is no way she is going to out there, but she did it! TOO CUTE!

For FHE last night we made our annual visit to Temple Square! Growing up it was tradition to go to Temple Square on Christmas Eve, well Brett's family always has a Christmas Eve party so we try and go for FHE every year!

ha ha I love this picture of Will!

am I a terrible Mom, I made my baby, who has bronchitis mind you, go out in the cold. But really I am pretty sure she was warmer than the rest of this. This little coat is awesome, we have had it ever since Will is a baby. It keeps them SO warm usually they are sweating when we take them out.

And just because she is cute....

Wow that was like three posts in one!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

6th month check-up

Jenna had her six month check-up yesterday! She is doing good, other than this nasty cough she has had for the past two weeks but I'll talk about that in a minute. She is now 14lbs 6 oz, which puts her in the 21% for weight, which great considering that at her 2 week check-up she was in the 4th percentile. She is in the 59% of height. And no big surprise here, her head was, well.... off the charts big, but I personally think they were just a little too generous with the head measurement. She is doing all what a cute little six month old like herself should be doing, rolling over, sitting up, eating baby food, and grabbing just about everything she can. So much fun.

Anyways like I said she has had this yucky cough for about 10 days now. I took her to the Dr. 10 days ago when it started to get bad and she checked out fine so I wasn't worried. The Dr. said if she gets worse bring her in. Well she has never gotten worse it just hasn't gone away. So on Wed. the Dr. listened to her lungs and decided that she better get a chest x-ray.

Well have you ever seen what they put little babies into for a chest x-ray. The only words that come to my mind is pure torture. I searched and searched for a good image to show, but this is the only one that I could find which was kind of close.

Now notice how the baby is smiling and happy to be there and thinking this is lots of fun. Well...that is SO not how it really is. There is NO cute blanket hanging up, just a black one. NO teddy bear sitting next to you, no you are in this cold empty room with only a bed and huge x-ray machine. And you don't get to stand there and hold her arms up. NO! NO! NO! They do make them straddle and then you put there arms up in the air over there ears while they enclose them in this plastic type wrap and then strap it closed. REALLY it's like pure torture not only for the baby, but for the parent that has to watch her baby be like this. And then they make you leave the room to take the x-ray! Luckily it didn't last very long, but I hated watching Jenna in this think. UGH!

So I guess what Jenna has is bronchiolitis, which is the baby form of bronchitis. She is really been so good, you would never guess that she is sick until you hear her cough. I just hope that it ends soon!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Best Friends

I sure love to see Will and Kyanna playing together. MOST of the time they play so well. I love that they are close enough in age that they are able to have so much fun with each other. Although I must say when they fight, and they DO fight, it can get ugly quick. They are either the best of friends or the worst of enemies. But more often than not they like each other.

Watching a movie. Also Will is sooo good to put with Kyanna!

Actually as you will see in the next picture. Will is getting ready to throw a snowball at Kyanna.

Yup there it is.

I just love this picture of Will!