Monday, March 23, 2015

I can admit when I am wrong and I am doing it now so remember this well:) I used to give common core a bad name...and I am not sayin I love it cause I still don't know enough, but after reading this book I may be more on board. This book has helped me to realize that we need to hold our kids to higher expectations. Cause you know what? They can do it! And if common core does that then maybe it's not all that bad...

This book made some excellent observations and it's well worth the read. And even though I felt a little frustrated cause a lot of stuff is out of my control it does give some fabulous advice and how to perpetuate learning at home.

Piano Recital

Both Kyanna and William had a piano recital, they both did really well. It's hard to get in front of an audience and play and I am proud of them for doing it so well!

Brooklynn and I rode our bike to the park the other day and played on the swings!
By the way. This child will not, will not I say look at a camera to save her life!

The Ugly Duck

Kids had the opportunity this last week to play in our school play the Ugly Duck. Kyanna and Jenna played ducks two night and sung in the choir the other two nights. William was stage crew and played the recorder during intermission every night!

By the last night the kids were done. Four nights was a lot and Jenna on the last night played a dead duck. Yes that's her laying down!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Where are my keys?

Don't I have cute kids?!?! Yes right after
This picture was taken I had to dig through a gross garbage can looking for car keys, which I later found in my purse:(....oops!

We surprised our kids!

We surprised our kids with a trip to Disneyland. I am not going to post all my pictures since I have already done a blog book, but here are a few of my favorite!

Ha ha my favorite! I made the kids go on Tower of Terror! I am so mean!

Marvelous trip so many treasured moments!