Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ben and Alisa Baby shower

Here are some of the pictures from Ben and Alisa's baby shower yesterday. It was lots of fun. And we were finally able to get out of the house with Kyanna since there wasn't any other kids there. Both Kyanna, Will and me were so happy about that. Plus Will and Kyanna had lots of fun opening the gifts for Alisa (I hope they didn't think the were presents for them!). Their baby is due May26th. They are going to name their baby Graden, which is going to be difficult for the kids to get since they already have a cousin Braden. We are really going to have to focus on the G and B sound.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Going to Gopher H E Double Hockey Sticks

Well apparently we have a gopher problem. Or I guess I should say we did have a gopher problem. See that cute, adorable, one of God's creation, you know that one that digs holes in your yard and eats all the roots of your flowers! Well......I killed one. Yes and I did it right in front of my son. I was letting him water the flowers when I noticed this hole right next to them. I had heard about our neighbors having a gopher, but I didn't realize we had one. So I took the hose from Will and started to fill the hole up with water, when this gopher came running out. My intention at first were to chase it back into the neighbors yard (sssshhhh! don't tell, it's our Bishop!) But the poor little thing couldn't find a way out by the fence. And I being the ruthless gopher killer that I am just kept spraying water on it until it stopped moving. O.k. I really can't believe that I killed a gopher. It really kind of freaked me out the whole day. I just know that all the gophers everywhere are thinking we are going to get her back! I am actually kind of scared to go into the backyard. Then I called Brett to tell him what I did and you know what he said. Cool! go get a shovel and bring it by the fence so I can show it to our neighbors. Uhm Yeah right. I am not touching it. But just as a way of Mother Nature getting me back. I guess when I left for the store this afternoon the kids left their poptarts in the living room and when I got back there were hundreds of ants all over them. So uhm yeah, killed those too!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Crazy/Genius Kid

I think the first time we thought that Will was a smart little boy was probably the night he was born. For about two hours that night he just stared at Brett, like he was trying to figure out who he is and what just happened to him. It thrills me and scares me at the same time knowing that I have a kid who is going to be smarter than me probably pretty soon. Well yesterday he was coloring and he wanted to write his own name. So I showed him how to write it, once. He then continued to practice his W's like crazy. Down, up, down, up.

So you can see where I wrote his name, (and if you look close enough I totally spelled his name wrong, oops, see already smarter than me) but the rest are just his W's that he was writing. Then I got him another paper to practice on and I started to make dinner. Well when I came back to see what he had done. He did this.

I hope that everyone can see this. Anyways he wrote his name! All by himself. I mean really it's not the most difficult name to write, but pretty impressive anyways. I was proud.

Another funny story. Yesterday I made an appointment to meet a possible preschool teacher. I told Will that next week we are going to meet your new teacher maybe. He then exclaimed "I am going to school! I need to go get my backpack!" He ran back into his room and came out with a lunch bag that we bought for him awhile ago (because it had "cars" on it). He then said "do you think that I need to bring a lunch?" Oh, it was so cute. I kind of felt bad that we weren't actually going to school that day. So he is really excited to say the least. I hope that it works out.

This is where I found Will hiding today. See what I mean. Crazy!

O.k. one more story and then I am done. This next pictures are of Will (with all of his tools) taking apart one of his play cell phones and then trying to put it back together again. But at least he had all the right tools!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Brett!

Happy Birthday
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Tomorrow is Brett's Birthday. I love this! Only because for the last couple of months Brett has been giving me a hard time that I am in my thirties and he is still in his twenties. Well...welcome to 30 honey. I love you and I think that you are the best. I hope that you have a great birthday!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Thanks for all of your comments about Kyanna's Doctors visit. I think that it is a hilarious that it turned into a kind of confessional. But it really did make me feel so much better. You guys are awesome.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Best Cheap Ice cream

O.k. so we have found the best cheap ice-cream. You can find it at Smith's or any other place that sells Kroger brand (pretty sure Fred Meyer in Oregon!) Anyways it's called Butterzinger. And it has real pieces of Butterfinger in it. And then this swirl of like really soft Butterfinger. I am not really sure how to describe the swirl expect for that it is good! We bought some tonight for only $1.99! Last week we bought some for $1.88. That's all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kyanna's 18 month check-up at 21 months

Ever felt like a bad neglectful mother? Well today I do! I took Kyanna for her 18month well baby check up today. Yes I know, she is 21 months, but I figure better late than never. And if you think that is why I am feeling bad, well.... your wrong. It gets worse. So here I am at the Dr.'s office thinking this will be nice and easy I will get my conscience wiped clean and won't need to return until she is two. Oh! I need to mention that we are going to the Dr. office with two, yes two, black eyes. I am not sure what happened with the first one, but the second black eye was caused by a book being thrown down the stairs that Kyanna was coming up. So the first thing the doctor said was this child has fifth's disease. Now don't panic! It's not chronic, it is a virus that causes the cheeks to look like they have been slapped and her skin to have a lace look. Personally I don't think that it looks any different. But nonetheless that is what the doctor thinks. She said that it should go away in about 5-7 days. So sorry all the kids we have been around I seriously had no idea. O.k. Next the Dr. looks into her ears. Then asks me "has she been complaining about her hears?" What? Yup that is right she has an ear infection. Again no idea that she had this. So I am thinking wow, have I been taking care the same child, how can I have not noticed all these things? Not good. Then she looks at her weight. Well at least this isn't a surprise, I have known for a while that she is very tiny. But the doctor suggested maybe giving her a protein drink for a snack. As if I wasn't feeding her well enough! I promise that I do feed her but I can't force food down her. At this point I am feeling terrible and actually quite embarassed. I think that the doctor noticed this becuase right as she was leaving she said "don't worry you are a good mother." Yeah thanks!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Members of Our Family

That's right! We have three new members of our family. Their names are Goldilocks, uppy, and kiki ( one guess who named them, actually quite impressed with the name Goldilocks since it goes well for a gold fish). Yes, I was feeling actually quite pleased with myself. The kids have been wanting a dog for sometime now, and since we are not quite ready for that kind of commitment I thought a goldfish might be a great replacement for now ( I am sure that Brett won't let us go to long without a dog). Anyways the kids love them. They were so excited to bring them to their new home. They named them, they fed them, and they watched them for the rest of the afternoon, and then this happened.....

Lousy 15 cent fish from Walmart! Guess it couldn't handle the transition very well. I knew that the fish wasn't going to live to long, although I was hoping for more than 4 hours. But I am not sure that I am ready to have that kind of conversation with Will. I am not ready. I need to prepare. So late last night Brett went back to Walmart to get another fish. I am positive that it cost more in gas, than the actual fish is worth. But the new fish has now lasted 24 hours. So that is good news. Hopefully it will buy me some more time.