Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kyanna is 9

Love this spunky girl. Her birthday was quite spread out this year due to living half in St George and half in Price. First we celebrated at Texas Roadhouse

Then Kyanna decided that she wanted to get a pedicure for her birthday so her and Jenna had a spa treatment
William did not love this part:)

Wasatch Back Ragnar was....

But I got to run with my man so that helped!
I love that we share this hobby together! He pushes me to do better I may not be thankful at the time but I really am!

Jenna turns 6...

Jenna had a birthday....a month ago but now she is 6!!

Unfortunately the bike was too big so it had to go back to the store and get something else.

How lucky is Jenna that her birthday also happens to be National Donut Day!
Every other year we have a friends party and then off years we let them pick a fun place to go, Jenna chose the zoo!