Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fun Day

This is a new tradition that I started a couple of weeks ago and thought duh I should start blogging about it! Today we made Valentines canvas.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Different Kind of Resolution

But not really...just a different way of presenting my resolution for 2013. I have been seeing this on several blogs and I really like the idea of it. It's called Word of the Year...I think. Anyways I have been thinking what would my word of the year be and it hit me really hard tonight. So here it is my word of the year...Meaningful. I don't know maybe it's too broad of a word but this is kind of what I mean by meaningful.
   Sometimes I feel like I just go through the motions of things without really taking the time to enjoy, appreciate, and understand them. For example the first thing that I thought of was Family Home evening. Sure we do family home evening every Monday night...I mean the prophets have told us too. But do I make it meaningful or am I just doing it cause it's what we need to do. So here it is I want to do more meaningful FHE's, scripture study, church lessons both preparing and listening.
    Sometimes even when I am doing homework with the kids, I am just doing it mostly while I am playing on my phone or looking over their shoulder at the t.v. I want more meaningful kid time, homework included. When it's time to tuck them in I am going to forget how tired I am and how much I just want them to go to bed and take the time to have a meaningful conversation with them.I have been reading so many articles lately about teaching moments with your children. I want to have more meaningful teaching moments with my children take advantage of every opportunity.  More meaningful conversations with the hubs.
  I can even make my workouts and runs more meaningful by well just making it worth my time...meaningful!  I can apply this to so much it my life. I hope it's not too broad of a word but this is what I thought of the other word that I wanted to do but goes hand in hand with meaningful is engaged. I don't want to be distracted I want to focus on what I am doing as I am doing it. Not worrying about tomorrow but just enjoying and being engaged with what's going on now.
  Anyways that's is to a great year!