Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Legoland Otherwise known as Will's Mecca

Legoland is cool. It's a little something for everyone. They have big dragons, animals, cars, mini cities, people, and dinosaurs made out of Legos. Will says that when he gets older he wants to work at Legoland! Shhhh.... I personally hoping for a better career for him, but I think that it's great that he loves it so much that is what he wants to do. We were lucky cause on this day Grandma Valeri and Grandpa Kent came along. It was really a lot of fun. Oh and they sell this yummy stuff called apple fries...they were really yummy!

This was just a VERY small part of the mini USA that they had. IT was soooooo cool!

o.k. this is really cool. LEgoland is building a wall out of lego and they let the kids be part of the building. They give you a little square and you just have to match up the colors with the right color legos. Here is a picture http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?fbid=10150409132275436&set=a.156664375435.242242.142189230435&theater
So Will and Kyanna have built part of that wall.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Videos from Seaworld

Here are few more videos from Seaworld. One is the kids trying to pet the dolphins and the other one you can here Brett screaming like a girl :) Probably by far Will's favorite ride. I wore my poncho when I went.

Seaworld in the Rain

So apparently we weren't very diligent about taking pictures at Seaworld. PRobably cause half the time we worried that it was going to start to rain at any minute and the other half cause everything was so cool we didn't want to waste a minute spending it taking pictures. I really really like Seaworld.

Seaworld was fun! It was cloudy but warm. IT was actually fantastic cause we were by no means miserable and there was hardly anyone there. It's kind of funny cause it didn't rain all day, we even had some sunny times, but as soon as the Shamu show started, you know the big show, the reason for going, and it POURED rain like crazy. But we are die hards, we didn't care. And as soon as the show was over....sunny!

Can I say the fact that you can pet the dolphins....awesome. Not that I did cause I am not like that but the kids sure loved it. My personal favorite show was the Sea Lions Live...so cute!

So here are the few pictures we took....

o.k. this pictures is funny to me cause Will is sitting in the soak zone. We are on the bench one level about the soak zone...little too cold for me. But this picture doesn't show justice but there were NO PARENTS in the soak zone all kiddies. I thought that was hilarious. Plus Will thought he was pretty cool sitting there by himself. And yes he did get soaked.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some videos

Here are some videos I am going to keep them separate for when I make my blog into a book. In one of the videos it shows, sort of but not really, how hard of a time I had keeping Jenna out of the ocean and also that I need to start that diet!

Playing in the Ocean

So we bought the really neat camera/camcorder for really cheap before our vacations so we have literally a hundred pictures and videos ( I was going to say thousand but then it wouldn't be literally). So I think that we will take our trip to San Diego one day at a time or for as long as we took pictures.

We first left on Valentines Day and stayed in Las Vegas at the Stratosphere for 30 dollars. All I am going to say about that is that you get what you pay for. The second day we got up early and drove to San Diego. We got there at about 3 in the afternoon. It was a beautiful warm day. Brett's parents condo was seriously right on the beach so that is the first thing that we did. The kids LOVED it. Even though the water was freezing in certainly didn't stop them from playing in it. And of course in their clothes. We were too excited to change into their swimsuits.

This was Jenna's first time seeing the ocean and well lets just say I could not keep that girl out of the water. It actually got quite annoying after awhile because as soon as she could she would run away from and straight into the water. She has no fear!

Kyanna was surprisingly brave. I thought for sure that she would not like the ocean cause of the big waves. She really didn't like the big waves here in Price. But she went right in without hesitation. She was having a blast.

And Will.....well we all know Will. He went straight for the water basically got as far out as he could before we made him stop and didn't come back until we made him. As he was running back to us he tripped and fell into the ocean. I SO wish we had that videotaped, but we don't. He didn't think too highly of the taste of the ocean though :)

We did run back to the condo so he could change into his swimsuit he was covered in sand. It had to be done.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Just thought I would let you know :)
Awww look at that beautiful green grass! I am missing that grass in particular right now!

Please renters if you happen to ever come across this blog take good care of my lawn. We spent ALOT of time and effort into it and it would break my heart to see it go bad.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today Must Have Been....

ONe of those days my kids have been whipping out the funny sayings. Here are two that I thought were particularly funny.

One the way to school this morning..

Will: Mom all the lights are out because of me
Me: Why?
Will: Because of my awesomeness! Except for that light (pointing to the brake light of the car in front of us) doesn't think I am awesome.

Then this evening Kyanna was asking about getting shots (I don't know why it was brought up, I think they are seriously terrified to this day of them) and I told her that right before she starts kindergarten she would have to get another shot. She said "I am going to cry like a little boy"

Funny cause usually you here crying like a little girl. I thought it was funny that she would switch it to boy.