Friday, May 30, 2014

Easter 2014

After camping we hurried home to decorate some Easter Eggs

Then had our own little Easter egg hunt

Brooklynn was worn out!

Easter Camping Trip

We went camping with out friends the Woods again this year for Easter. We camped just North of Arches Narional park and so spent a day there. And just like last year it was a blast and the kids cried when it was time to leave. Poor Brooklynn got her first sickness while camping but she is a trooper and managed just fine! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good Friends...

We have been so blessed to have such great kids surrounding us in this neighborhood that we live in but in April these cute friends moved. I am so sad that they are gone they were just great friends to me and the kids. Hope they have fun on their new adventure! Luckily we still have plenty of great friends around us!

Older Sisters Are So Helpful!

Welcome to My Walker Office....


We have been so lucky to have a great piano teacher living right next door to us! William and Kyanna have both just taken to the piano so easily!
This was Kyannas first recital it's been good for them to play on front of people! They both did an excellent job!