Thursday, July 30, 2009


We love to go camping. Every year since we have been married we have made at least one camping trip. Well this year was a little more difficult due to the little one name Jenna. So we decided that Brett and the kids (minus Jenna of course) would camp out in the backyard.

So we set up the tent.

We played in the tent!

Finally got a good shot of Jenna smiling!

We brought out all of our sleeping stuff.

We told stories while eating smores.

Laid down in there beds and then......
The wind started to pick up and the rain came down
At this point the kids were already inside and even though you can't see it the wind had blown the tent over to the fence.
And now the kids are fast asleep
In there beds. And that is the beauty of sleeping in the backyard. Better luck next time I guess.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jenna Smiles

I tried to get some pictures of Jenna smiling. Unfortunately I have a lousy camera and by the time it gets around to taking a picture the smile is gone. But here is my attempt. Good thing she is cute no matter what!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My kids are crazy, but cute!

O.k. so we found these goggles at the store the other day for only a dollar, so we bought both Will and Kyanna some, hoping that this would be an incentive to get Kyanna under water. Well it hasn't worked, but these kids love wearing them, they were wearing them everywhere until we explained that they were just for the water. Well the other day I checked on Will as he was taking a shower and this is what I saw.

So I had to let Kyanna wear them in her bath too!

4th of July

o.k. I know that I am way late posting this, but we have all been feeling yucky this week, so this is the first time that I have even felt like it. Anyways we had a fun
4th of July at Grandma Valeri and Grandpa Kent's house. We went swimming, did the slip n' slide (or how we like to refer it to as the yip n' yide), a piniata (sp?), good food, sparklers, and watching the fireworks from John and Jodi's property at Thanksgiving Point. The kids had a blast and were completely exhausted.