Tuesday, June 30, 2009

O.k. so I know that I have mentioned this before about how I have seriously gotten into coupons. I find it extremely rewarding when you can go to the store and get such great deals. Well this was my trip to Albertson's yesterday. Now I am sure that there are a lot of people out there who probably do a much better job than I did. But I have to say I am quite proud of myself.

All this for a total of $43.97. Not including the roses that my wonderful husband got me for our Anniversary. Anyways that's 39 items that came out to be around 1.10 per item. It could have been even better if it weren't for those two boxes of Oh's cereal that I did not have a coupon for, so they were 2.39 each, but just really really wanted them. (have you ever tried them they are the best!)
O.k. other stuff, remember how I mentioned in another blog about a project that I was buying spray paint for and if it was cute I would post about it. Well I think it turned out super cute. I love it.

It's a bow holder. Isn't it so cute! I just love it. I have hung it up in Kyanna's room and it looks awesome. Here is the link with that tutorial if you are interested.
And here is a picture of Jenna. Just because she is so darn cute! As you can see she is still kind of yellow, from the breast milk jaundice. It's weird because sometimes I think that she looks really yellow and then sometimes I look at her and think that she doesn't look yellow at all. It could very well all be in my head. This whole thing has kind of stressed me out, I will admit it. And will be so happy when it goes away.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my high spirited, spunky, full of life Kyanna. (I really wanted to say sweet but I just can't get myself to do it!) Growing up with all boys I never thought that I could really enjoy having a daughter, well I was wrong. It has been so much fun and now I am lucky enough to have two.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

It's amazing that in six years we went from this (notice how young we look and skinny!)
To this!

But it has been awesome and I am so lucky to be able to share all these wonderful moments with my best friend. Sorry no long drawn out reasons of why I love this man. I'm tired and I want to go to bed. Just know that I do love him!!!

Seriously Kyanna!

O.k. so I guess that Kyanna just thinks that anything that comes in a small little bottle and is white must be lotion. Tonight we went to Robert's crafts to get some spray paint for a project that I am attempting (and if it is cute I will post it on here!). I was talking to Brett and when I turned around Kyanna was rubbing this liquid stuff all over her hands and on her legs! This is what it was.

Sorry that is a terrible picture, but yes, that is some kind of crafty varnish. Seriously this child! At least it said on the bottle that it was non-toxic and free of allergens. Brett immediately took her into the bathroom to wash off her hands and legs. It was very hard to keep a straight face when we were trying to tell her that you can't just take things off the shelf and use them and that what she did was naughty. Oh my little problem maker.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Boppy!

O.k. so I am sure that many of you know what this is. I CAN'T believe that it has taken me three kids to discover the awesomeness of the Boppy. How did I not have one of these with the other two kids? This thing is totally cool. I borrowed it from my sister-in-law. I that she had one when she had her baby and thought that it was for the baby to sleep in. Well it's not. But it is for nursing and feeding the baby, burping the baby, and well just holding the baby. It is so convienient. It just fits around your waist and is so helpful. When I had Will my wrists got SO sore from holding is massive head up while I was feeding him. This boppy would have totally eliminated that problem. O.k. I am done. If anyone is wondering if they should get one, I think that they should!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jenna's first 10 days!

Bilirubin is a product that results from the breakdown of hemoglobin. Total and direct bilirubin are usually measured to screen for or to monitor liver or gallbladder problems.

This is what has been controlling my life for the last 10 days since we brought Jenna home from the hospital. It started out innocent, her bilirubin results came back so she had to be on the lights. Big deal, lots of babies are on the lights, so Monday night we started.
Brett thought this was a cool picture of her on the lights at night.
Went to the Dr.'s office on Tues for another test, her results were higher than the day before. So another night on the lights, again whatever! Wednesday another test at the Dr.'s office. Her count came down but not enough to be off the lights. So now we didn't have to go back until Friday. Friday her bilirubin came down again, but still not enough to be off the lights, but enough that we could take her off periodically throughout the weekend. So Monday comes and we think, yes this is it, this is the day that we can stop worrying about this stuff. But NO! Monday her bilirubin count came back and was up! Seriously it went up! At this point I am getting really frustrated and honestly kind of worried. They told me that it could be breastmilk jaundice, so they had me supplement with formula and go back again on Tues. If the count didn't go up it would be breastmilk jaundice, if it went up then we would have to go in for more test. Well good news, I guess, is that it went down. So it's official she has breastmilk jaundice.

Breast milk jaundice is a type of neonatal jaundice associated with breastfeeding. It is characterized by indirect hyperbilirubinemia in a breastfed newborn that develops after the first 4-7 days of life, persists longer than physiologic jaundice, and has no other identifiable cause. It should be differentiated from breastfeeding jaundice, which manifests in the first week of life and is caused by insufficient production or intake of breast milk.

I had never heard of this before, but I guess that is what she has. I am just thankful that it wasn't too serious (I had lots of stuff going through my head), that I can continue to breastfeed, and eventual it will just go away on it's own.
Poor girl has only been in a diaper for this first 10 days of her life.
So now we are off this lights and trying to get ourselves on some kind of normal. Jenna really is doing good despite all this bilirubin stuff. She is back up to her birth weight, she has been sleeping good, and she has tolerated her brother and sister very well.

Monday, June 8, 2009


O.k. so here she is. Jenna Louise Stoddart was born on June 5, 2009. She weighed 6lbs 2oz and was 191/2 inches long. She is doing great. We had a little bit of rocky start since the cord was wrapped fairly tight around her neck but she is doing great now and actually did really great from the very beginning!! She has tons of dark hair that has a slight reddish tint to it. And she already has an attitude! Not surprising though when you think about Kyanna and me, how could she not have one! I am doing great too. Labor was long, about 12 hours, but when it was time to push I only pushed twice, so I am feeling great! Here are some pictures.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Night!

O.k. so I have been somewhat reluctant to show pictures of me on my blog. Some people are really cute when there pregnant (usually the skinny ones!), I am just not one of those people. Clothes don't fit, I really don't care what I look like, and I look tired most of the time. But this is it, my last night being pregnant and since I have taken a picture of myself the night before with the other kids I though why not.

Ugh! Just looking at those pictures makes me excited to not be pregnant anymore! But,I'll admit it, I am kind of nervous. I feel that we have gotten real comfortable with two kids, we have a routine, and for the most part things work out really well. I am just not sure what to expect with a third child. I have heard that it's harder because, well now you are out of hands. Seriously how am I going to go grocery shopping? Anyways I am way more excited than nervous. I am sure that we will post pictures as soon as we can!!!