Monday, May 4, 2015

And speaking of kids growing up..

My Will bugs last pine wood derby! I mean what the heck!! I am not ready to let go of this stuff. Of course he is excited cause now it just means he is closer to 11 year old scouts which means overnight camping. I AM SAD!

And just like that...

Kindergarten is almost over and she moves on to 1st grade. Seriously it needs to slow down!! I love my Jenna! But that is enough of all this growing up nonsense!

My Cute Girls in Dance


My mom bought all my kids matching outfits for Easter and all she wanted in return was a nice family picture. Ha ha ha well that's a lot easier said then done. It took us a few tries:)
Kyanna and Brooklynn....mad!
Nobody look, smile, or keep your hands down in this picture!
What is Jenna looking at?
Brooklynn was not cooperating very well!
Finally we got a keeper! Not great but it's as good as it's going to get!

Easter 2015

We pretty much celebrated Easter like we always do wake up and let the kids find there Easter basket. Yes we do the Easter Bunny. No we don't make a big deal about it and always the week leading up to Easter we do the last week of Christs life. Yes my kids know the real meaning of Easter, and I have no worries about the Easter Bunny either!

Then we had our own little Easter egg hunt outside.

This little one thought it was great.

Then we watched General Conference and ate our candy. It was a good day! Love these little beings so much!

Annual Easter Camping Trip

We had our annual camping trip with our good friends this year. This year we went to The Goblin valley area and we're lucky enough to have cousin Drew and Uncle Dan come down for the day. We love this area and it's so much fun for the kids to climb and play. And unfortunately the only pictures I took while camping was only while we were at Goblin Valley! Oh well!

It was a lot of "Mom take my picture!"