Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I HATE peas.... sorry I know that their are a lot of pea lovers out there but I just am not one of them.

When I was little I would do anything that I could to get out of eating my peas. I remember sitting at the table forever until I had finished all my peas. Then I THOUGHT that I had gotten smart. First I would throw them under my chair thinking that my parents would never notice HA! Next I would throw them under one of my brothers chairs hoping that my parents would think that it was one of them. And when I finally got smart enough I would keep them in my mouth and then hurry up and excuse myself and go spit them out in the toilet. I KNOW such a naughty girl....I so should have been grounded for that.

So as a result....I have never subjected my children to the grossness I like to call peas.

But for some reason that I can't explain I put a bag of peas in my grocery cart and actually made them the other night.

O.k. NO JOKE, my child Kyanna, the same child were I as a parent have spent hours at the dinner table waiting for her to finish all of her food, asked for a second helping of peas. My mouth just about dropped to the floor. What the heck? Kyanna who doesn't eat anything, unless of course it has tons of sugar in it. Kyanna who had to be put on protein shakes at the age of two to gain weight (which of course she did NOT drink). Kyanna who can literally go all night with our a single spoonful of food asked for a second helping of peas.

Well there you have it. I will from now one be serving peas more often, heck maybe every night if this keeps up. But I will have to find another vegetable. I can't do it. Can't even stand the smell.

But I am glad that she likes them. That is all!

Happy Birthday Kelly!

It is time for my yearly tradition of taking over Kelly's blog and do a quick post to tell her Happy Birthday. I have known Kelly now for a little more than 8 years. The first opportunity that I had to hang out with Kelly was on her birthday when we went to Joe's Crab Shack. It was a good chance for me to get to know her one on one. I knew there was something special about the woman that I was eating dinner with. I can't tell you how proud I am of Kelly. I have put her through so much over these last eight years. She continues to suprise me with each challenge she faces. The last one has been moving to Price. She always supports me and continues to love me! She is such a wonderful mother to our kids and the spiritual giant in our home. I can tell how much she loves being a mother to William, Kyanna, and Jenna and it is so much fun watching her help them grow. She does the little things that I normally don't think of doing. Well, that is all that I will say this year as I hijack her blog. Kelly, sweetie, I love you! Enjoy your day today!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Will and Ky start Soccer

a couple weeks ago hehehe!

Will has improved so much this year three seasons of soccer has made a difference! He made a goal on his first game!

Kyanna is technically not old enough to play soccer here in Price but they let her anyways cause she would be playing with Will. She is so tiny out there I am afraid one good kick could knock her head off. She especially loves to hold hands and pick grass :)
AND.....Look who gets to be there coach!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am So Excited...

O.k. Wait a minute!....... If your name is Rob and Kristi DON'T READ THIS POST! Yet anyways or else you are going to ruin the surprise (not that it's that great don't get too excited) Sorry!

Anyways I just wanted to share this WAY cute fabric that I picked up the other day.

don't you just love it? I am so excited to make my soon-to-be new nephew a blanket with this.

Sorry I just had to share.. couldn't wait until it was done.
That's all! Have a good night:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Stroll in the Park

Tonight we went to the Park for a Sunday evening walk but not to the kind of park you might think. You would be hard pressed to find a park like this up in Salt Lake and even if you did I bet it wouldn't be just up the street!

warning: massive amount of pictures coming your way!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Big FAT........

Jenna had a bit of a rough weekend at my parents house last week. After partying hard at Will's B-day party at Incredible Pizza she was climbing up my parents stairs and when she got to the top step she fell all the way back down.

Then the next morning trying to be a big girl, she tried to get up on a stool and it came toppling onto her. Leaving her with this...

This picture actually doesn't accurately show just how big her lip really was.

That's a little bit better.

And that is probably the best one! At least she was still happy.

And by that evening it had gone down quite a bit. She is a tough cookie!

Friday, September 10, 2010

6 Years Ago Today!

I had this little fella (not so little anymore!)
I am so proud how my Will Bug is turning out. He is such a strong, loving, smart, tender-hearted, and friendly little boy!
Strong- So many ways that he is strong. But what I really mean here is that he is really really strong. He brings in my groceries for me and let me tell you he doesn't just bring in one bag at a time, it more like four or five bags. The kid is STRONG!!!
Loving-the kid has infinite amount of love for everyone. He is always ready for hugs and kisses and I really hope (although I know it's not realistic) that it never stops. Also he loves everyone, everyone is his friend. Yesterday on the way home from school I asked him what he did during recess and he told me he was defending some girls cause his friend Dominique was chasing them.
Also a couple of weeks ago we went to McDonald's with his good friend Cole. And Cole didn't get the toy he wanted in his happy meal and William happily traded toys with him. The kid is nice!
Smart-well I think we all know how smart he really is, cause he knows it! When we went in for his kindergarten testing he was reading, subtracting, adding, and doing syllables with his teacher. His teacher came up to me and said "where did he learn all this stuff" and I really couldn't answer cause that's just Will. He picks up on everything and fast. Although I do think I need to give a shout out to channel 7 I think that has contributed alot to it!
Friendly- I never worry about Will making friends, even moving to a new place I know that he isn't going to have problems and even he told me all about his friends on his first day of school. But what I really love about him, and this could be cause he is still young, but he doesn't care who it's with, boys, girls doesn't matter he is friendly to everyone. And everyone just wants to be his friend.
Tender-hearted- o.k. embarrassing moment for Will in years to come I am sure. But we went to see Toy Story 3 and he cried. It was so stinkin cute. I am mad that I can't remember this but something made him so happy a couple of weeks ago and he started to cry then and asked "mom why am I crying?" Dang I wish I could remember.
Anyways that's all! My brag session of my cute little , I mean big, 6 years old. Hope you have a great Birthday buddy. Love you!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We are True Ute Fans Not Because....

-Both Brett and I graduated from the University of Utah
-And not because Brett has been going to football and basketball games for as long as he can remember (in fact sshhh don't tell anyone, but his Gramps used to get us in free to Utah basketball games:)).
-Also not because Brett used to work for the Football team.

But now I am going to tell you why we are so listen up....

We have now rode our mechanical horse where the Ute Indians rode their horses.

We ate lunch where the Indians may have eaten their lunch.

Wondered how that rock doesn't fall, maybe the Utes thought the same thing!

We learned of the stories they put in writing.

(I guess this one is about a pregnant buffalo, go figure)

We played in the same dirt that little Ute boys and girls may have played in.

Maybe even pricked our finger on the same cactus as a Ute.

Or thought this was a good shelter as the Ute Indians did.

And maybe just maybe little Ute Indian boys and girls were as cute at this little boy and girls. But just maybe.

And maybe the Utes tried to catch a lizard just like this one that got away.

Now that we have walked, learned the stories, and saw the places where the true Utes lived, now we are truly true Ute fans!

(all pictures taken at Nine Mile Canyon)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

OH!! Yes One More

-For some reason people in Price seems to think it's necessary to put a big huge sticker on their car telling us what kind of car they are driving. Not sure why... maybe they need to remind themselves but I can pretty much figure our that they are driving a Cadillac without having the big sticker on the back window telling me that. I know what Mustangs are too!

The Things I've Learned.....

about Price in the couple of days that I have been here.

Sorry I know you all want pictures but the task of finding my camera cord right now is just to big and I STILL feel sick so this is what you are getting instead!

-Everything is either Dinosaurs or Castles. I am pretty sure that the High School Mascot (and there is only one high school in all of Carbon County) is the Dinos. The side of the police car says Dinos. I have seen many signs reading "Castle Country" I think it has something to do with the rock formations down here, which by the way are super cool!

-All day Kindergarten, that was a surprise. Will is super excited to either eat lunch at school or bring his own.

-Houses settle down here cause of the soil. So if you are really sensitive to that type of stuff (which I am) you can actually feel walking downhill in some places of our apartment. But on the upside my refrigerator door closes on it's own. So that one less thing to worry about.

-There are only 4 (I am pretty sure) stop lights in the whole town.

-If you are LDS you are in the minority down here. Which I think is highly unusual for a small town in Utah.

-The Walmart....all I can say is W-O-W!

-We have been here for four days and I don't think I have felt any wind. Which makes it really HOT!

-People have been VERY nice. The first day Brett's co-workers wife brought us a plate of cookies and invited the kiddies to her house while we un-pack and Brett's other co-worker brought us KFC. Although she did say that our house was a mess and that we had ALOT of work to do. But she was right!

-O.k. this one isn't necessarily about Price but more about our move. Schools and other companies that use a lot of paper aren't killing off our trees. It's the moving company! I have 10, Yes 10 full bags of paper that they used to wrap all of our stuff in ( and that's only half since the other half is in storage). They wrapped my dish soap in about 10 sheets of paper! Although I have to say having someone move you while you just watch them work is AWESOME!

-If you want to watch any t.v. at all you have to get cable. No free channel reception down here. We pay 15 bucks a month for local channels only. But they were able to install it on the next day.

-Everything requires a deposit. City utilities wanted a 200 deposit, the cable and Internet company wanted 50 dollars. I guess they must have a lot of people not paying their bills.

That's all I can think of right now. Someday I am going to count how many insurance companies there are because it seems to be unusually high amount. I am really trying to have a positive attitude about all this but its been hard, since we have been down here I have been SO sick and Brett has been working alot, our house is not yet rented in West Jordan and that is stressing me out big time! I hope next week is better!