Tuesday, July 26, 2011

British Style

When we first decided to sign William up for the British soccer camp we thought oh what a great idea we will host a coach and then the camp will be paid for. So we did it. Well the day that they were to arrive I was thinking Why Why did we do this. I have such a busy week....babysitting, Kyanna's birthday, camping trip, and not to mention work. I we really really regretting signing up for this, especially when we learned that we would be hosting two soccer coaches.
But oh my heck I am SO GLAD that we did. It was such a fun week. We had so much fun with them. They were so good with the kids. It really was such a neat experience to have them with us. I bought so much healthy food for that week thinking that is what they wanted. NOpe I went through two boxes of corn dogs in the first two days (they had never had them before) they drank all my kool-aid and my diet pepsi! They slept on the love sac, they really thought that we cool! They were nice and clean. It was really fun. Definitely will be doing that again next year.

Oh and well for the camp....it was awesome. I know that Will learned so much. I stayed for the last day and they played a game and Will was actually playing a position. I know he had a good time or else there is no way that he would have been willing to go everyday for three hours in the heat. It was a fun week!

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Princess Party

I have so much to post about. Last week was one crazy week but it was so much fun. I am going to have to post a little at a time. First we will start with Kyanna. She turned five last Tuesday. I can't hardly believe it! I can't believe that she is getting so old. I actually get kind of chocked up when I think about her starting kindergarten this year! I still love how she really doesn't want anyone but me....I am really so glad that hasn't changed! She has been learning to read and has been doing an amazing job. She is still WAY on the shy side but she handles things so well. She is going to be an excellent mother as she spends all of her time playing home. Sometimes she is the mom and sometimes she is the babysitter! She loves to ride her bike everywhere! And can keep with with William pretty darn good. She still shows no interest in television and lets her imagination take her away all afternoon!
This was the first time that Kyanna has had a friend party. We invited 6 cute little girls and one super cute little boy who loves Kyanna! It was a princess party and I couldn't believe it. I so expected to be running around all over the place and getting after the kids. But this party was So civilized. They all lined up to play games, they all sat there and watched her open her presents. They all sat on the front porch to eat cake, and then they all colored together until there parents came to get them. It was AMAZING so so so not like Will's party's. It was really a good time.

playing put the princess in her room.