Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Kyanna Dear

 I know I am a little late in posting this but Kyanna turned 6 a couple of weeks ago!!! I can't hardly believe it my kids are getting WAY to old. Oh Kyanna Kyanna what to say about this little girl. She is the jelly to my peanut butter, my rainbow after the rain, and my lemon to my water. What I mean is that she is just like me in so many ways, she always makes me happy, and she is not without a little sass!

For her birthday she wanted to have a party at the wave pool. So we invited four of her closest of her friends to swim. I can't believe what a great swimmer she has become! ( I am sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that we are at the wave pool every single day!). Last week she jumped off the diving board and swam to the side all by herself!!!

She got pink legos, a watch, some clothes, and a leapster i pad type thing. For dinner we went to the Asian Buffet (yuck!) but it was what she wanted.

Kyanna loves to read, loves Barbies, loves to swim, play with her friends. Her favorite T.v. show continues to be none of them since she does not watch t.v. at all! She loves ham sandwiches for lunch and toast for breakfast. She rides her bike everywhere she goes. Her favorite color is pink. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up :) she gets excited everytime she sees an ambulance! She does her own hair and wears skirts at every opportunity she can! Happy Birthday you!