Monday, July 2, 2012

Glenwood Springs

 Last weekend we went to Glenwood Springs, Colorado for a little mini mini vacation. I was feeling sorry for myself cause I was babysitting ALOT (not that I mind, cause I don't) for moms who went to Girls Camp and then Brett went to Scout Camp for a week. And I was just home with the kids...... so we went for a fun weekend. It was lots of fun...and it is only 4 hours away. Part of the reason we also went is that I am going to be running a relay race in September in this area and wanted to check it out.

We got there Friday night the kids were so so so excited just to stay in a hotel room. Actually I think we could have just stayed in the hotel room and swam there and the kids would have been perfectly happy.

Anyways these pictures are kind of backwards. Sunday we went on a hike to a place called Hanging Lake it was a beautiful hike, very steep and maybe a little too hard for the kids but they did awesome!!! We just took lots of breaks.

 Here is the whole fam almost to the top of the lake. They put a little railing at the very end of the hike cause it had such steep cliffs, other side of that railing is just straight down!
 Made it too the lake! It was so pretty so so clear. it was really fun! That afternoon we also drove to Vail to check out that area.

On Saturday we went to the Springs and also to a Glenwood Canyon and went on a tour of the fairy caves. It was really really pretty. We were about 100 feet underground in this picture.

 We got to take a tram ride to the top of the mountain to see the caves!

View from the caves.

It was a fun busy weekend.I didn't take any pictures of the springs, actually I kind of thought it was way overrated! We spent a lot of money to just go into a over crowded warm pool. The kids didn't even love swimming in it cause it was salt water. Next time we go we are river rafting! I love spending time with my little family.