Friday, January 20, 2012

What the Crap!

Now I am not one to usually get into politics on such a public scale such as my blog. Those of you who know me though, know that I do enjoy talking and learning about politics. And I know that politics is a real touchy thing and people can lose friends and good relationships over disagreements. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But this is my blog and so I feel I can share my own opinion, doesn't make it wrong just how I feel. But I just feel like I need to share this article. Maybe I am not the best at keeping up what happens in the world but what Obama is doing in this articles is seriously outraging me!

Basically what this article is stating that in the interest of Pres. Obama's re-election he rejected something that would benefit the United States. Canada wants to build a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, but Pres. Obama "for environmentalist sake" rejected it going through the U.S. thus rejecting jobs, thus rejecting good relations with Canada, and thus rejection the environment cause Canada is still going to build it now just through the Pacific Ocean instead. There are many other reasons why this is bad too, but you can read the article.

Maybe this is just cause I read too many books but I always think there is some conspiracy theory going on here. Maybe Obama owes so much to the Chinese government that he HAD to reject the offer so China would continue to get our business....I don't know that makes more sense to me than in the interest of his re-election. China scares me!

Now I know that after his re-election there is a possibility that he could change his mind about the whole thing....but who know is Canada will wait for him.