Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Morning

Here are a few Christmas morning pictures for ya all! I think the kids were sufficiently happy with all the fun stuff that Santa Claus brought them...
Kyanna asked Santa Claus for a I pod unfortunately Santa Claus doesn't' deliver those kind of toys to 5 year olds, I heard one little mention about it Christmas morning but I think the big Barbie house made up for what was lacking and haven't heard about the I pod since.

I think William was probably the most excited with his new Nintendo DS. I haven't really heard from Will since Christmas morning.....somewhere he is playing his DS. Just kidding, we limit it, but seriously if we let him that is all that he would do!
Jenna was just happy to open presents she didn't really care what was inside it was ALL really exciting to her. Especially matching pajamas with her baby :)


Dan and Ang said...

Cute pictures! Looks like the kids had so much fun!!