Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Official.......I think

When I first started potty training William at 2 1/2 years old it was so EASY. The kids was seriously potty trained in one day. One day! And I am not just talking about during the day I am talking night time too! I kind of thought....what's every mother's problem this is cake. Potty training is so easy and then........I started to potty train Kyanna. And then I realized what everyone was talking about. Potty training Kyanna could possibly be summed up in one word HELL. It seriously took me a year to train that child and then probably another year before she was completely out of diapers. But whatever it's done and she does well now and well....

I wasn't exactly looking forward to potty training Jenna. In my mind I kind of thought I am just going to wait until she does it on her own, buying diapers isn't that bad I mean I have been buying them for 7 1/2 years. But then she started to show some interest and so I thought why not let's go for it! It didn't start off good but I didn't want to stop after I had started. And after about 2 weeks or so I think she has got it down. Yeah!!! she has done really good. She is a good in between the two kids of easy and hard. I don't use any kind of method, I have been really laid back if I need to go out I put on a pull up I don't care. Today though we went out in the panties and they stayed dry. So I think it's official. She is potty trained!!!! Well at least during the day.

One day I am going to show this to her future husband and she is going to hate me!!!

She was not happy about this one. Oh well! Too bad she is still cute!