Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We are True Ute Fans Not Because....

-Both Brett and I graduated from the University of Utah
-And not because Brett has been going to football and basketball games for as long as he can remember (in fact sshhh don't tell anyone, but his Gramps used to get us in free to Utah basketball games:)).
-Also not because Brett used to work for the Football team.

But now I am going to tell you why we are so listen up....

We have now rode our mechanical horse where the Ute Indians rode their horses.

We ate lunch where the Indians may have eaten their lunch.

Wondered how that rock doesn't fall, maybe the Utes thought the same thing!

We learned of the stories they put in writing.

(I guess this one is about a pregnant buffalo, go figure)

We played in the same dirt that little Ute boys and girls may have played in.

Maybe even pricked our finger on the same cactus as a Ute.

Or thought this was a good shelter as the Ute Indians did.

And maybe just maybe little Ute Indian boys and girls were as cute at this little boy and girls. But just maybe.

And maybe the Utes tried to catch a lizard just like this one that got away.

Now that we have walked, learned the stories, and saw the places where the true Utes lived, now we are truly true Ute fans!

(all pictures taken at Nine Mile Canyon)


Dan and Ang said...

You guys are having so much fun! I love this post! Cute cute kids!!

Jessica said...

TOTALLY cute!!!

Megan Rees said...

What a cute post! I actually got JUST a little teary reading it. You guys are such a cute family. I hate having you gone! But at least you are taking in the sites of your new home! I have friends on Facebook who have just moved to a new place--one to Hawaii and one to London--but I'm sure the sites they are checking out cannot compare to Nine Mile Canyon in Price!

stephschmidt said...

How fun! I'm so glad you guys are having fun seeing new places!

Kristi S. said...

That was really neat! I loved this post. :)