Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I HATE peas.... sorry I know that their are a lot of pea lovers out there but I just am not one of them.

When I was little I would do anything that I could to get out of eating my peas. I remember sitting at the table forever until I had finished all my peas. Then I THOUGHT that I had gotten smart. First I would throw them under my chair thinking that my parents would never notice HA! Next I would throw them under one of my brothers chairs hoping that my parents would think that it was one of them. And when I finally got smart enough I would keep them in my mouth and then hurry up and excuse myself and go spit them out in the toilet. I KNOW such a naughty girl....I so should have been grounded for that.

So as a result....I have never subjected my children to the grossness I like to call peas.

But for some reason that I can't explain I put a bag of peas in my grocery cart and actually made them the other night.

O.k. NO JOKE, my child Kyanna, the same child were I as a parent have spent hours at the dinner table waiting for her to finish all of her food, asked for a second helping of peas. My mouth just about dropped to the floor. What the heck? Kyanna who doesn't eat anything, unless of course it has tons of sugar in it. Kyanna who had to be put on protein shakes at the age of two to gain weight (which of course she did NOT drink). Kyanna who can literally go all night with our a single spoonful of food asked for a second helping of peas.

Well there you have it. I will from now one be serving peas more often, heck maybe every night if this keeps up. But I will have to find another vegetable. I can't do it. Can't even stand the smell.

But I am glad that she likes them. That is all!


Dan and Ang said...

Way to go, Ky! I'm a pea-hater too. Dan loves them. I NEVER make them. Drew hates them too. I guess Dan's out of luck. :)