Friday, September 10, 2010

6 Years Ago Today!

I had this little fella (not so little anymore!)
I am so proud how my Will Bug is turning out. He is such a strong, loving, smart, tender-hearted, and friendly little boy!
Strong- So many ways that he is strong. But what I really mean here is that he is really really strong. He brings in my groceries for me and let me tell you he doesn't just bring in one bag at a time, it more like four or five bags. The kid is STRONG!!!
Loving-the kid has infinite amount of love for everyone. He is always ready for hugs and kisses and I really hope (although I know it's not realistic) that it never stops. Also he loves everyone, everyone is his friend. Yesterday on the way home from school I asked him what he did during recess and he told me he was defending some girls cause his friend Dominique was chasing them.
Also a couple of weeks ago we went to McDonald's with his good friend Cole. And Cole didn't get the toy he wanted in his happy meal and William happily traded toys with him. The kid is nice!
Smart-well I think we all know how smart he really is, cause he knows it! When we went in for his kindergarten testing he was reading, subtracting, adding, and doing syllables with his teacher. His teacher came up to me and said "where did he learn all this stuff" and I really couldn't answer cause that's just Will. He picks up on everything and fast. Although I do think I need to give a shout out to channel 7 I think that has contributed alot to it!
Friendly- I never worry about Will making friends, even moving to a new place I know that he isn't going to have problems and even he told me all about his friends on his first day of school. But what I really love about him, and this could be cause he is still young, but he doesn't care who it's with, boys, girls doesn't matter he is friendly to everyone. And everyone just wants to be his friend.
Tender-hearted- o.k. embarrassing moment for Will in years to come I am sure. But we went to see Toy Story 3 and he cried. It was so stinkin cute. I am mad that I can't remember this but something made him so happy a couple of weeks ago and he started to cry then and asked "mom why am I crying?" Dang I wish I could remember.
Anyways that's all! My brag session of my cute little , I mean big, 6 years old. Hope you have a great Birthday buddy. Love you!!!


stephschmidt said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Will! I hope you have a great day!!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday, Will!

Dan and Ang said...

I absolutely adore William! He is one of the sweetest little boys and I just love him! Happy Birthday Will!!

Kristi S. said...

I loved this post too, Kelly! Those were such good things to write about Will. :) It helps me know him more and I'm so glad our boys have him as a cousin. :)

Megan Rees said...

Yeah, if I could I would totally order one like that! Maybe Afton should just marry him and I can get him that way...He really is such a great kid. I love you know him so well and know what he's doing and thinking and stuff. You're a great Mom!