Wednesday, May 19, 2010


O.k. so I thought that I would give a quick update about our cookbook experience before the kids wake up. We are doing really well. We have missed two days so far, which I think is great. So far the best dish has been the Oriental Chicken Salad and the worst dish was Can't put your Fork Down Carrot Cake. I was able to put my fork down. I don't know maybe I messed up. Makes me kind of want to try it again. Well see. I am not sure what is on the recipe for today need to go figure it out. But it's been really fun so far. My kids even picked from the vegetable section, once!


Jodi Hancey said...

Ooooo, I want the recipe for the chicken salad! Seriously!

Dan and Ang said...

I want that recipe too! I bet the kids are having so much fun with it!