Saturday, February 13, 2010

Little Bit of this and a Little Bit of That

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated my blog. Just have not been feelin it lately. Too much to do that it gets put way down the priority list. But life has been good. Her are a bit of tidbits of what we have been up to.
So....we got the kids a gerbil. I know, I know you may be asking yourself why would you guys get any more pets after the whole goldfish fiasco, which you can read about here. Well I think that this little guy, or really it's a girl, was sent from up above to get back at me for killing a gopher. Which you can read about that story here. This cute little gerbil which Will and Kyanna named Ahsoka, which is a star wars name big surprise there, started out in William's room. It was great, I even made up this little thing that gerbils NEED to live in clean rooms and if you don't keep your room clean she will get really mad. That worked great, I have never seen Will's room kept so clean for so long.
About 3 days after we got this rodent (notice it's not a cute little gerbil anymore) it started to kind of keep us up at night by running on her wheel. We didn't seem to mind cause we were still able to sleep at night. Then one night it RAN on THAT wheel all night long. No joke. Brett finally at like 4:00 a.m. came back into the room and said that he took off the wheel. THANK GOODNESS!! There is something so wrong that we have an 8 month old baby and the gerbil is keeping us up at night. YEah that isn't going to happen. We still have the gerbil but it's kept downstairs. Much better!

We signed Will up for karate at the rec center. It's pretty fun for him I think. It is a little slow and he is the youngest one in his class, but he does pretty good. Especially now that we got him some sweat pants so he doesn't have to keep pulling up his pants I think that he enjoys it a lot more!
It requires a lot of focus, which can be difficult for Will. So we told him that it was like JEdi training and that Jedi training requires lots of focus. That seemed to help.
I made 18 freezer dinners last week. It's so awesome. It requires A LOT of hard work and planning and dirty dishes. But it's so awesome that every night I can just decide what to have for dinner and pull it out of the freezer and let it thaw. SO WORTH IT!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! Duh. I make these Valentines every year. It's What We Love About You. It's so much fun. I love holidays with kids. We also made one big heart cookie tonight.
I also made one for Brett, but it was kind of pg-13ish, so I didn't post a picture. YOu probably didn't want to know that but hey he is my husband! And it was just made out of candy so it wasn't really that bad. Dirty minds!!!:)
Well.... I think that is about it. Oh just a couple more things.
-We have been treating Jenna for asthma with a nebulizer and steroid, I personally don't think that she has asthma nor do I think it has really helped. But she is doing good, just waiting for summer.
-We got our tax return back last week and the same day our finance stopped working. The same part that we fixed last year for 600 dollars broke again this year. So instead of fixing the same part every year we just decided to get a new furnace.
-I love watching the Olympics. I am excited to watch them the next couple of weeks.
O.k. thats all, I am pretty sure, for now. Happy Valentines Day!


Dan and Ang said...

I loved the update! And all the pictures. :) Sounds like you guys are doing well. I love those pictures at the end!! So cute!! And Jenna's hair!!!! SO adorable!!

stephschmidt said...

Wow - I love your freezer meals!! I want a lesson!

Hilary said...

Your kids are so cute.
Random tidbit -- but did you know you can get like a deep fish tank for gerbils, fill it 2/3rds full with dirt, and they build the most elaborate tunnel system. It's cool. We had them when I was younger, and it was really neat to see their tunnels and watch them dig.
I'm very impressed by the freezer meals! I want to get going on that in the next couple months, and have a ton by the time we have our baby!

Megan Rees said...

I was laughing out loud reading this post. That gerbil running ALL NIGHT. Keeping you up more than a BABY. I find that hilarious! Keep the updates comin' Kel, I love them!

Cynthia said...

Pets always seem like such a good idea at the moment of purchase...

Your baby is getting so big! She has awesome hair and I'm always taken aback by how much Kyanna looks like you.

I hope Will continues to enjoy 'Kung Fu Fighting' and I totally admire your ability to tell the Mom lies with a straight face. My hubs was waxing all 'Mike Brady' the other day while lecturing our kids. It's so funny to hear yourself doing the same stuff our folks did.

Our ward did a freezer meal group. It worked pretty good. Instead of making a bunch of different meals yourself, we'd make 12 of one thing then all switch with each other. We had the whole thing down so it was fair costwise. I quit doing it though because after awhile freezer meals just taste like freezer meals. I'll also be a little cocky and say I was a better cook than most of the other participants so it was disappointing sometimes in what we got back. On the other hand, it did have us trying new things we wouldn't have tried and if someone in the family didn't like it, it's not like they were dising MY cooking!

You totally rock for doing all those freezer meals on your own!

Larsen said...
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Larsen said...

Here I am stalking your blog again. Please don't hate me. I can only imagine how I might feel if I was getting comments on my blog from a sister missionary my husband knew on his mission. Weird.


I was just taking a few minutes break from the dishes, and cleaning the kitchen now that the kids are sleeping to read some blogs I haven't read in a while. I think you are right about your post about blessings. It's great to reflect on blessings, but it's also easy to feel picked on sometimes.

I am sorry to hear bout your furnace. Boo.

I have officially now purchased ingredients to try your banana oat cranberry muffins. They sound so good. I hope to tackle that this week!

Well, I should go. LOST is on tonight, and thanks to DVR I can watch it commercial free.

Please know that I think your kids truly are soooooooooo cute, and that I hope we can just be occasional blog friends.

Much love from Idaho, cause I am not sure where you guys are living.... Maybe you are in ID too...

Gina (ps. I was the one who delete my comment and then re-posted the same comment...when I realized how many typos it had...I just had too. How embarressing if I can't use the red dotted line saying "you spelled that wrong" to my advantage!)

Larsen said...

Like how I spelled EMBARRASSING WRONG?