Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seriously Kyanna!

O.k. so I guess that Kyanna just thinks that anything that comes in a small little bottle and is white must be lotion. Tonight we went to Robert's crafts to get some spray paint for a project that I am attempting (and if it is cute I will post it on here!). I was talking to Brett and when I turned around Kyanna was rubbing this liquid stuff all over her hands and on her legs! This is what it was.

Sorry that is a terrible picture, but yes, that is some kind of crafty varnish. Seriously this child! At least it said on the bottle that it was non-toxic and free of allergens. Brett immediately took her into the bathroom to wash off her hands and legs. It was very hard to keep a straight face when we were trying to tell her that you can't just take things off the shelf and use them and that what she did was naughty. Oh my little problem maker.


stephschmidt said...

Hahaha - Oh, Kyanna! I can just picture her! Such a sweet, mischievous little thing... :)

Dan and Ang said...

She's hilarious! I love watching parents try to discipline their kids when they do funny stuff. I love that I can just sit there and laugh... :)