Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let's go Blue...Let's Go White

 This year we decided to do cheer leading instead of dance...mostly because it's cheaper since I am now paying for two. The girls absolutely love it! It helps that they have lots of friends that do it too. All day long I hear "5...6...7...8...lets go blue, lets go white, blue, white" it never gets old. Kyanna is amazing a cartwheels and now she is working on round off. Jenna is so good too, for a three year her attention span in cheer leading is quite amazing. She follows all the directions, most of the time:) And she can do somersaults like crazy!

This was their first performance of the year at the Helper Arts and Craft fair. They both did really good!
 Jenna had no reservations about getting up in front of people to perform. No problems at all!

Jenna does spend a lot of time looking at what the other girls are doing, but she did great.