Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jenna's Coin

One day I was babysitting some kids and I was in the living room and could hear the other kids playing and I knew that they were doing something with money, but my thought was, hey they are old enough to play with money. Then Jenna came out and was kind of breathing hard and panicking just a little and said to me "I need a drink of water" So I got off the couch and got her a drink of water. Then I thought to myself...why would she need a drink of water so badly. So I asked her and she said because I swallowed a penny....WHAT!!!! I didn't know what to do I had all these kids I was babysitting, I needed to be at activity days in 30 minutes, Brett was at work, and I really really didn't want to go the ER. Well I thought I had better. So I called Brett made him take the kids and go to activity days (poor guy) and I took Jenna in.

Turns out she did swallow a coin. She says a penny but she doesn't really know the difference. The Dr. thought it was definitely bigger then a penny, maybe a nickel. Here is her awesome x-ray. Initially it was stuck in her esophagus and they were telling me that they were going to have to transfer her up north to have it taken out. Then after talking the the Dr. up north decided to wait and see if it would pass. So I went back the  next day for another x-ray at it made it to her stomach

Were apparently it still is today. The Dr.'s keep telling me to wait and that it will pass. Hopefully soon we will see it. I check her poop everyday and have yet to see anything, but I am really impressed with how regular she is :) This child of mine...I have decided that she is my ER child. About a week after this happened she fell down a window well....luckily it didn't require an ER visit though!