Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer vacation part 1

   Who know how many parts I am going to have but let me just warn you I have A LOT of pictures. The first two days of our trip were mostly spent in the car on our second day we traveled through Nebraska which is where Brett served his mission. We made a stop in North Platte and Brett was able to see one of the houses he used to live in.Then we stopped in Omaha to check out winter quarters and the temple. Didn't realize that really Omaha has the Mormon pioneers to thank for establishing that town. They had a little visitor center that we spent some time at and walked around the temple grounds and old cemetery. I can't even imagine how these pioneers had to leave loved ones buried in the ground and move on! 
   Then on to Nauvoo we went we didn't get there until 12:30 am and let me tell you it was eery driving through Iowa and Illinois on these pitch black winding roads. Felt kind of like a scene out of a horror movie or twilight zone!