Monday, July 15, 2013


I wish we could have spent two or three days in Nauvoo. One day was really just not enough time but boy oh boy did we cram as much as we could into one day! It was such a fun experience. The great thing about Nauvoo is that although its a lot of church history they really make it fun for the kids. We went to three shows, took the wagon ride, and visited A LOT of homes all in the rain!!!

This was a show called "Just Plain Anna Amanda" was all for the kids and my kids thought it was great!
William had been looking forward to going to the Stoddard Tinsmith for as about as long as we have been planning the vacation all because of the similarity in last names even though its spelled differently.

This is the land that my ancestors the Allred's owned property no house but there was one there at one point in time pretty cool. It was really close to the river too! River front property!
Here is another show that the kids got to be a part of, along with all the senior missionaries and performing missionaries. What a fun mission? They really get into it!
Nauvoo temple! I love these little people and I am so thankful for temples that we can be families forever!!
With the Mississippi River behind us taken at the Nauvoo temple grounds. This is also the spot where Joseph and Hyrum stopped at looked at the temple for the last time as they rode to Carthage Jail. You can see the statues behind us. 
Kids were completely exhausted after such a long day!! They had so much fun we didn't get to our hotel room until about 10:00 at night!