Friday, May 20, 2011

Will the Superstar!

Well he did it! He passed Kindergarten...although I wasn't too worried they take the same test at the end of year that they take at the beginning and well he got 94% at the beginning so he passed. Yesterday was the end of the year program. Will said that they were going to sing somewhere between 14 and 20 songs and he was right they sang about 20 songs.
What he did not tell us was that he was going to be the star of one of the songs. He told us that he has one little speaking was the whole song. He led the whole kindergarten in the Boom Chica Boom song. So when you watch this video the loud voice that you hear is Williams. He did awesome he had everyone in the whole audience laughing and clapping. I asked him afterwards if he was nervous and he gave me a "duh mom" look and said "no way!" He wasn't nervous at all. I was such a proud momma. Even the rest of the day we went to Walmart and Sutherlands and someone in both stores came up to him and said "hey you were the star of the show!" Awww I love having kids!


Dan and Ang said...

Awww, so cute! I love it! He is definitely not shy - that's for sure! :)