Sunday, May 22, 2011

On Thursday......

My kitchen looked like this.
We decided that we were sick and tired of it looking so dark. So we started to clean them with some TSP (tri-sodium phosphate)

And then we scratched them up a bit.

Took off all the doors and started to paint. We even let the kids in on the fun.....well for a little while:)

And then we painted the inside.

o.k. here comes the fun part. We then glazed or stained if you will over the top of the cabinet doors and then hurried and wiped it clean.

We did it to the drawers too!
And this was my kitchen on Saturday!
It's a dark picture but then look so good! I love the way that they turned out.
Here is a better one.


Jodi Hancey said...

I looooove it! Gorgeous!

Dan and Ang said...

I love it!! You did such a great job!!

Megan said...

You inspire me! My kitchen is HORRIBLE and it will be forever before I can afford a new one from my dad. I've wanted to paint my cabinets but it seems like a huge impossible job. Well, maybe it's not so bad! Still don't know when we'll do it, but we WILL do it!

Erica said...

Way to go Kelly & team!! It looks amazing! What a difference! It brightens your kitchen right up!! I'm very impressed! Home improvement---never ends---got to love it!! Nice work!

Moores said...

You guys did an amazing job! It looks great! You are one busy lady! Sewing...painting...working...etc... Good job!!