Thursday, January 20, 2011

CEU Dinasour Musuem

I am WAY late in posting this but a couple of weeks ago Brett's brother Nate and his wife Nancy and their three kids came down for a quick visit (by the way we LOVE having visitors). We FINALLY made it to the dinosaur museum. It was really kind of neat. Although, besides a few really cool and large dinosaur bones, I think a lot of the museum was a little over our kids head, except for maybe Will if it was just him. But they did have this really cute corner for the kids to play in the sand and uncover dinosaur bones, color, and play with dinosaur toys. Oh and I forgot to mention that they do have a alligator or maybe a crocodile one of kinds of things there. So that was fun to look at.

But here is the beauty of this museum. Not only was about 4 dollars a person to get in....on a Sat. afternoon we were the only ones there!!!

Kyanna has loved coloring lately. She is VERY careful to stay in the lines. This is random....but isn't funny the difference between boys and girls. This girl could color forever and be very careful about it. Will sometimes has homework to color (which is the only way he will color) and he insists on doing it with his pencil and is all over the place. Anyways that all :)

I wish I had gotten one of Annalee with turned around but these cousins are only a week apart in age and are already really good friends.

I think I might take Will by himself one day. I think that he would have appreciated it more!

digging for bones.

oh come on...


Dan and Ang said...

How fun! I love all the pictures. :)

stephschmidt said...

Fun! We'll have to see it when we come visit :)