Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ice Skating

For FHE Monday night we went to the Olympic Oval to go Ice-skating. It was fun. I used to go ice-skating so much growing up and I haven't been for a very long time. And it was fun. This kids did great! Well.....they did pretty good. O.k. so they whined the whole time we where there and then whined when it was time to go home. But they said that they had fun!

Sorry these pictures are so dark. I didn't realize just how bad.
I love that they had these for the little ones.

So that is Brett leaving. I just have to laugh cause I don't think that Brett has been ice-skating that much in his life and well....he isn't very good. (Sorry honey I LOVE YOU!) Anyways see that little girl in the costume right behind him. Yeah she was REally REALLY good, skating circles around Brett, literally.

Sorry GIRLS he's taken!

EVen Jenna went ice-skating!

So....because Brett wasn't very good I had to take the kids around to help them since I little bit more steady on my ice-skates. I was sore!
Will did SO good. He really really did. He was nervous at first so we got him a walker. Then he just took off like crazy. So the next time around I had him just hold my hand. And then the last time I let go of him a couple of times. I was so impressed. He was a natural!


Nicki Crockett said...

Wow. I totally need to do this. Preston has asked about it and I figured it would just be too hard. I love the walker thing. Definitely going to try it.

Dan and Ang said...

What a fun FHE!! I love the pics. :)

stephschmidt said...

I was just going to post what Ang did! We should go with you guys sometimes; that would be really fun!