Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Dress the Week Before

o.k. so I know that I am overloading with pictures today but...since next week is general conference we dressed the kids up in their Easter attire today for church. So here are some pictures. Jenna's dress was actually Kyanna's Easter dress when she was basically the same age!

and of course it wouldn't be Easter Sunday picture taking day without Will finding a sword out of something and fighting off all the bad guys!


stephschmidt said...

I love them - so cute! Dallin was going to where Easter clothes yesterday, too, but ended up in pj's all day because he was sick :( Ah well. I love the pictures!

Megan Rees said...

Man, you got cute people! I just love your kids! (I think I tell you that a lot...) They look adorable in their Easter finery!

Dan and Ang said...

So cute!! I remember the dress Jenna's wearing when Ky had it. :) Love the pictures!!