Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bits of Randomness

Brooklynn and I have had fun riding our bike and came upon a duck pond that we have since loved going too. Now days she cries when we don't stop to feed the ducks!

I ran a half marathon and got a personal record for 2:02 something something. I felt really good about myself but I ran alone and I think I have come to the knowledge that running a race is only fun if you have someone running with you!
We have found a swim team for William it had been really good for him. He loves his coach which has made such a big difference in his love of swimming! It's been really good for him!
We made a quick trip to Las Vegas one Saturday to do some shopping and stopped by the strip to look at the Bellagio. Wow Las Vegas has gotten busy I could only stand about 45 minutes of it before we had to leave.
We have had so much fun with friends coming down to visit! We live visitors and have had quite a few. It's always a good time!